Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Spring Fever

What a wonderful past week Micheal and I have had!! We competed at U.S. Dancesport National Championships and we did well!!

I will tell you that nothing in the entire world is more amazing than dancing with your Fiance.  Ballroom will always for the rest of our life will be close to our hearts.  Without it, we wouldn't have met each other and be where we are now.  There are a lot of ballroom couples here in Utah that are getting married this year and lots in the past who have who know exactly what I'm talking about :)

What is nice about the week after nationals is UVU is on Spring Break so no school this week!! But with losing with hour of week might just kill me.  We have a little less than 100 days until the wedding I keep thinking that time is going to is almost flying too fast!! There is a lot that we still have to do to get ready for the wedding and after as well.

We went to Kohl's to get Mike a white dress shirt and I got carried away by Microfiber pillows, which made me really want to know where we are going to live! It's probably a good thing we don't know right now because all I would want to do is decorate and my wallet would starve if I did that at the moment. We have had a hard time finding a place to live and so many of you left comments of FB with a bunch of places for us to look at. A sincerest THANK YOU.

As for the rest of enjoying this warm weather in Utah, we have our engagement photos on Friday and I am so excited!! BEYOND THE DARKROOM PHOTOGRAPHY...keep a lookout for those :)

We have Ariel's 22nd birthday this Thursday and it is going to be party at the Wright house.  And Saturday I get to be united with my cousin Aimee that I haven't seen in months that came home from working in Florida.  Perfect Spring Break!!

-Naturally Blue  

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