Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Little blessings have been happening recently...

Congrats to my husband-to-be for getting an awesome new job!

We are so completely thrilled! He is only on day two, but he gets free hot-chocolate so he will be just fine I think :) Definitely an answer to prayers.  

We are getting closer and closer to the wedding an honestly, the whole thing is sometimes an out of body experience.  Although I want it to be here already, it is a bittersweet thing knowing that our time being "engaged" is running out.  We only get it once so we are enjoying it! <-- (advice given from all).

We have celebrated another birthday in my family.
                     The lovely Miss Ariel. Sue. 


Ever since we were BORN my mom has always made our birthday cakes.  I don't think I ever had a store bought cake, because mom's are ten times better.  She is amazing at decorating.  

Cake Bossed.

   Alright so many of you have seen a few of Michael and I's engagement photos. We absolutely .love. our photographer! 


    We had the fun opportunity to walk through thick mud and splash each other in water. I'm dying to show more but we will be revealing  them at our reception, so mark your calenders! .June.20.

   But in the meantime while we wait for our special day, we still have the reality of school and work. Mike and I used to basically see each other 24/5. We worked together, danced together, studied together etc. But since he has this new job, it is just for a couple hours at night when we practice.  Which means I have a lot of time to study which is fabulous.  Sometimes while I wait for him, I fulfill by obsession for hot chocolate.  


   I have always loved hot chocolate, even as a kid and I can drink it all year round. literally. 

So, off to more studying...have a great day everyone!

-Naturally Blue.

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