Thursday, February 28, 2013

A little behind..

I am really behind on my blogging...time to catch up!

Let's talk wedding.  With my amazing parents, along with my future in-laws, wedding plans are going so well and smoothly! Here are the things we have got:

Wedding Dress (I'm more than in love with it)
Temple booked
Photographer (Beyond the Dark Room)
Florist (Blossom Sweet, she is amazing..)
Brides-maids outfits
Luncheon Venue
Wedding Cake (Midway Country Corner)

It is starting to feel like it is actually happening and coming together.  For awhile I felt like being engaged wasn't real and it was somewhat of an out of body experience and I love that the wedding is getting closer and closer every single day.  I can't wait to marry my very, very best friend for time and all eternity!

For all those who have been asking when we are going to be getting married, here is your answer! 

  June 20th 2013

 School is going well for both Mike and I.  He is going to school full time and he is working so hard to make sure that we have the absolute best future for us and our future family. 

We traveled to California with our wonderful friends AJ, Emily, and Trevor to compete and the California Open Dancesport Competition a couple weeks ago.  It was so much fun!! I loved spending 4 days with those guys.  Here are a few photos we captured at New Port Beach:

 (Ladies, he is a stud and single :)

We had an absolute blast!! We each got to stay with host families that live in Irvine, California and they were beyond sweet to us.  They made me feel so at home and comfortable.  I want to move there now! Cali, we will be back soon. :)

A lot of my dancer friends got engaged this month: Laura, Kimmy, Karoline, Caitlin. Love you girls! Congrats!!!!!!!!

Well after we had to get back to reality, I'm learning what a great little chef of a husband I am going to be having very soon is!

We love having date nights where we cook dinner together.  Teaches us both  :) I got to purchase our wedding cake this last week and I'm telling is BEYOND DELICIOUS.  Susan is amazing! We got to have the taste-test-samples :) mmm 

Yes, it is as yummy as it looks.

Anyway, as for upcoming news, next week is Nationals here in Utah Valley at BYU.  Michael and I are preparing and we are so excited to compete!! 


1) Does anyone know of any good married apartments/condo's/town homes/or basement apartments in the Provo/Orem area that are decently priced? We are having a hard time finding good ones for a good price. 

Enjoy your Thursday!

-Naturally Blue