Sunday, December 9, 2012

Winter Wonderland

This weekend has been so beautiful in Utah! We finally got some snow in *(about time)* With all of the stress happening with finals week, all college students need to get some fun time in.  And as usual, weekends are date nights!

Friday night, Mike and I decided to go to his singles ward Christmas party.  He has an amazing ward with such nice and very uplifting people.  We had dinner and a wonderful and hilarious program!

They had us color the program.  Felt like Elementary/Primary all over again haha

Saturday, I had no work, no dance, nothing!! First free Saturday in such a long time.  That morning my sister Liesl and I decorated cookies to take to her work.  We had a blast!! I love spending time with her when she comes home to visit.  

Saturday night was date night.  I wanted to go up to temple square to see the lights since it had been a really long time since I have been able to go...but...we hit the snow storm.  My shoes had giant holes in them and my socks were literally dripping, got hot chocolate from the Joseph Smith Memorial Building, listened to amazing choirs in the Tabernacle, took lots of photos (which is a given), dropped my City Creek, went and got desert, put a dollar bill and a dime in the "wishing wells" and had so much fun! Regardless of the fact that it was freezing and wet.

Our capitol is Beautiful is covered in snow.  

But the temple beats it 10 fold.

The Nativity

Surrounding the temple grounds they have these little lanterns that say different words about Christmas in every single Language around the entire world.  Michael went on his mission to Russia and so of course we had to hunt down for the Russian ones :)

Salt Lake during the winter time is so incredibly beautiful.  It snows a lot down there and I love going during the Holiday season.  If you haven't had a chance to get down to temple square, head on down!! 

I hope everyone is having a great season thus far!!!

-Naturally Blue 

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