Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Savy Purchases

 I am one that used to absolutely hate shopping, and when I say hate I mean HATE.  Then Michael came into my life an introduced me to the deadly eBay.  Darn that man...I love it!! But one thing that is nice about eBay is that they have some great stuff for great deals!!! I don't like to spend a lot of money especially on myself.  With my new budget book that I mentioned in my last post, it is good for me to determine how much I can spend on myself if I really want something.  I'll usually get something little every month and it is hardly ever more than $10-$15 dollars.  That is my usual limit.

These boots right here were my most recent purchase:

 I ordered other boots but my purchase was canceled sadly.  My boots that I currently own are completely thrashed and torn to I needed to make a little investment.  They were only $34.19 such a good deal right!?  My thought is, if you are going to spend, spend within your budget.  These beauties are normally around $75Saving Shopper right here!! 

Some other great purchases I have made in the past:
Ballroom girls out there...we all know how expensive our latin/standard pumps are right?? Go to EBAY! I bought my most recent competitive Latin shoes from Hong Kong.  

 Guess how much these beauties were...$39.95 that is right... they are amazing!!! The heel guard is more of a wax/rubber type and doesn't wear out nearly as fast and dancing in these shoes in like dancing in slippers.  Not a single blister formed.  

 I love earrings, utterly and completely.  I bought some for all of the girls in my family and they were supposed to be stocking fillers for Christmas....I couldn't wait to give it to them so as soon as they arrived in the mail I gave them to them!

I got all different colors/sizes/designs and such and these you won't believe...$0.99. I know you think I am kidding.  Not even.  My thought process is, I would rather wait for a few weeks to get something that has just as good or better quality on eBay than get it at a retail store and pay triple to amount.  Not even worth their price tag and regualar stores. 

The list goes on and on.  I love saving money and getting great quality items.  You would think that ordering from China and Hong Kong would be a little risky especially over the internet, but I'm telling you, I trust them so much.  They provide great service and quality items.  They key is to research who you are buying from before you purchase to make sure that no one is hacking you.

Moral of the post, shop from ebay.
         Happy shopping!

-Naturally Blue

(If you would like the user ID's of who I purchase from, contact below). 

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