Thursday, December 20, 2012

Little bit a Recent

Well it has been a great break so far.  It has been SO incredibly needed.  It has been nice to not have the stress of anything school or work related for the last week.   To my luck, I get sick...a complete bummer, but expected.  Tissues and watching Christmas movies with mom has been splendid :)

I love everything about the Holidays.  In Utah, we are having a serious problem with snow not sticking on the ground.  It is driving me absolutely crazy! We get a really great storm and five minutes later, the sun comes out.  Hopefully on Christmas Eve the snow will stay and the ground Christmas morning. 

Speaking of Christmas, my Fiance Mike is heading down the Texas for a week to spend Christmas with his brother Joe and his sister-in-law Maddie and their adorable family since Joe just got home from Afghanistan.  It will be a great Christmas for them!! It is weird.  Every since the middle of March, the longest amount of time that we have spent away from each other is 3 days.  Since we dance together, go to school together, work together, we are ALWAYS together so it is going to be a bit strange but it will be good that we are spending the holidays with our own families since this is our last Christmas as an unmarried couple.

Kind of a strange thought to think I will be married shortly.  A lot of people have been asking when our "Date" is.  We are sure of the date but we will be married in June of 2013.  Hope June comes quick!!!!

Random thing I love about Michael.  He color codes his closet.  Marriage, just got that much easier :)


 Have a great day everyone!!!

-Naturally Blue

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