Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Busy Bee and Happy

Oh the stressful week before finals...it's anything but beautiful.  This past we had our ballroom concert at UVU.  It was such a huge success!!

Paul put on such a wonderful concert.  The 3 hours every single night this entire semester and it completely paid off.  Great job team!!!

My sweet family came and brought me these wonderful flowers.  Liesl and Justin got to come on Opening night and my mom came Friday night and Saturday night the rest of my family got to come.  It is so wonderful coming out for your opening number and see your family, smack dab in the middle of the audience.  

Paul was so kind to let us have the week off to be able to study for finals coming up next week.  I think our entire team really needed this break. Thank you Paul!

It has been so nice to be getting home at around 5:30pm the last two days.  It has never felt so good to come home, help my mom get ready for dinner and have dinner with my family, get study time in, and be in my bed asleep by 10:30 at night.  I am definitely soaking it up!  Mike and I got to go on a walk in the park this afternoon after work to just get some relax time in.  

Utah is so beautiful! Especially in the winter time, but...we need a little bit of snow on the ground if I do say so myself.  

Christmas is well on its way! I am enjoying getting "prepared" if you know what I mean ;) Mike informed me today that he will be spending a week in Texas during Christmas which will be so fun for him! So we will be spending some serious time with our families during the holidays which will be so great! 

Anyway...I really am looking forward to having finals over and I can focus on the joy of this upcoming holiday and enjoying family and friends! I got to watch my little sissy Britt'e Bre in her choir concert tonight and I haven't been able to be at one all semester long and that was amazing too.  So grateful for this holiday season and all the happiness it brings.  

Lately, I have been doing well with organizing my finances.  I have started my own little "BUDGET BOOK".  I will tell you, it is incredible! 

They have these really nifty budget printouts on the internet.  I printed out a bunch and put them in a binder.  Every time I spend money on something, I ALWAYS make sure they give me the receipt and I take the receipt and staple it to the budget page along with logging in how much was spent and what my current balance is in my checking account.  It is great to see how I am doing with my spending and what things I can completely cut out on and things that I can live with going "cheaper" so to speak.  

Also, a growing savings account is beautiful!! I take each of my paychecks and I take out tithing first of course, then I put half of my checks and put them in savings and budget out the remaining money.  It is doing great things, especially during this Holiday season! 

Hope everyone is having a great holiday season!! 

-Naturally Blue 

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