Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Santa Came To Town

The holidays have been such a blast so far!! I have been able to spend some quality time with my family and I have enjoyed it exceedingly :D

On Christmas Eve, my sisters and I decided to go out and build a snowman.  Something we haven't done since we were kids...but the snow was not functioning very well, so Ariel begins a snowball fight.  EPIC.  We were just missing Liesl and Justin in the bunch.  I love being home for Christmas.  There is nothing better than being in a house surrounded by giggly girls and soaking up all of the laughter.  

My mom is the Queen of Holidays.  She can decorate anything top notch!! our Christmas trees are a big one.  Those who have been to our house during the Holidays know how awesome it looks.  Nobody does Christmas like mom.  I am definitely keeps the tradition when I have my own family.  :)

This year, it was kind of bittersweet knowing that it is my last Christmas at home since next Christmas, I'll be married.  But, I have more wonderful Christmas days to look forward too, just with a husband! 

I have had this stocking since I was a little girl.  I'm definitely attached.  Another project I'll have to make for Michael and I next Christmas! 

My parents spoil us girls every single year with their amazing gifts!! My mom makes the best food in the world.  Her turkey for Christmas dinner was absolutely perfect.  A chef she is indeed.  Maybe one day when I learn the patience of cooking, I can cook like her.  Liesl and Justin were over for dinner of course as we went to see Les Mis.  Wow incredible movie!! Definitely a must see film.  

I feel the month of December has flown far to quickly, too fast to enjoy it in my opinion, but bring on the new year 2013! 

Mike is still in Texas and he seems to be having a complete blast with his family! Which I am so glad :) His flight home is one Saturday and I'll admit, I'm a tad bit excited to see him.  I couldn't see him open one of his Christmas gifts since he is obviously not here.  But I got to see it via text.  I think I did good on gift #1.

 Looks great doesn't it! A nice sweater if I do say so myself. I'm trying to expand his closet with things other than solids.  :)

Well, While he is off in Texas, we aren't able to dance, but I am getting back on the training track.  Went to the gym tonight and it felt so great to work my muscles hard after a long break.  Time to get back in shape!! Got comps coming up again, and I gotta get fit for my wedding!! :) 

Well, getting late.  Off to bed!! 

-Naturally Blue

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Little bit a Recent

Well it has been a great break so far.  It has been SO incredibly needed.  It has been nice to not have the stress of anything school or work related for the last week.   To my luck, I get sick...a complete bummer, but expected.  Tissues and watching Christmas movies with mom has been splendid :)

I love everything about the Holidays.  In Utah, we are having a serious problem with snow not sticking on the ground.  It is driving me absolutely crazy! We get a really great storm and five minutes later, the sun comes out.  Hopefully on Christmas Eve the snow will stay and the ground Christmas morning. 

Speaking of Christmas, my Fiance Mike is heading down the Texas for a week to spend Christmas with his brother Joe and his sister-in-law Maddie and their adorable family since Joe just got home from Afghanistan.  It will be a great Christmas for them!! It is weird.  Every since the middle of March, the longest amount of time that we have spent away from each other is 3 days.  Since we dance together, go to school together, work together, we are ALWAYS together so it is going to be a bit strange but it will be good that we are spending the holidays with our own families since this is our last Christmas as an unmarried couple.

Kind of a strange thought to think I will be married shortly.  A lot of people have been asking when our "Date" is.  We are sure of the date but we will be married in June of 2013.  Hope June comes quick!!!!

Random thing I love about Michael.  He color codes his closet.  Marriage, just got that much easier :)


 Have a great day everyone!!!

-Naturally Blue

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Mrs. McShinsky. It's got a nice "ring" to it!

Well as you all know, my sweet Michael and I are...ENGAGED!  We have gotten such nice comments and people have been so wonderful to us since our engagement 3 days ago.  I told Mike that we needed to do a blog post about his side of the special day and mine.  He hasn't got his written yet, so I'll start with mine. 


Mike had been telling me for about a week before this incredible day that on 12-12-12 we needed to something fun to celebrate finals being over and having a very stressful semester for us both come to an end.  I was down for the idea!  But anyway, on 12-12-12, Mike and I were both working our morning shift at the Testing Center and he decided to be the sweet Fiance that he is (Gosh it is weird calling him that) came and picked me up from his house in Provo take us to work.  He knocked on my door and look very handsome in nice clothes.  I loved that he likes to look nice and dress nice, but it is nothing unusual to see him dressed like such.  If any of you have been to my house, know that my dog is an INSANE barking machine and like to tackle people with kisses, so I had to restrain her while he walked into the door.  I went to grab all of my things and Mike looks at me and says to me, "You look so beautiful!" which is another thing that he tells me every single day, even if I look scary (is he a keeper or what!).  But I turn around for us to go out the door and he hands me a beautiful red rose that is wrapped nicely and has a little card attached and says, "1" .  Wasn't sure what that meant, but I went to go grab a vase so it wouldn't die and he said, "No, how about you take that to work with you :)".  I gladly accepted!  We get into the car and I read the note on the flower and it starts with the first letter of my name and says something on it about a thing with that letter that he loved about me and why.  Adorable...I know! It made my morning start out great and also heading to get some Hot Chocolate before work.  And of course you again all know that we LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Hot Chocolate. 

We get to work at the Testing Center and I was on a terminal that day, I was getting all of the things that I needed ready for the day since I was working a double that day.  I go over to my terminal and there is a rose number 2.  I was so happy and loved the surprise but was so confused!! We go throughout our day at work and Mike was on terminal as well but then he got moved to proctor a room since we were slammed.  I was on terminal still and as I was helping people through the line, I had a very nice girl walk up to me and hand me a flower saying, "I believe this rose belongs to you."  I got really red and it was fun to see all the testers smiling at me and I am just loving every second!! After the first block of my shift was over, Mike walked out of his room and passed me a little note telling me to hurry and count my money before I went to go proctor so that we could leave work right after I was done with the next shift since we had plans that night.  I get all of my money counted and I go into the room to take over for Mike.  The shift was going so slow and being in a music room, it tends to make you really sleepy because of the classical music playing and it is really warm in there and I wanted to get off work so that Mike and I could go play!!  Longest 4 hours...EVER.  I got to go on my break and I go into the break room to find yet another rose.  This is rose number 4.  I loved it!!! The message in the card was very simple and sweet.  It made the rest of the working day bearable.  :)  Before I knew it, it was 5:15, time to leave!!! I get off work and Mike is all ready to pick me up and to take us on an adventure.  

When we started driving, Mike told me that we needed to make a quick stop in AF.  I wasn't sure why, but just went along with it.  We started pulling into Highland Glen Park.  That is a park that I love and I think is so relaxing.  It started to rain a little bit and we walked around the pond that is there and it was just he and I there which is rare to have no one there.  I asked where we were going and he didn't give me an answer of course.  We headed over to the south dock and he pulled me onto it and and we looked at the water and he just said, "I just wanted to spend some time with you." and he gave me a kiss and told me that he loved me.  I thought it was adorable but was wondering why we went to a park for 5 minutes and were about to leave and he just said that we went because he knew I liked that park.  But we head back to the car and then he says that we needed to go back and asked if I wanted to wait by the car or if I wouldn't mind running for a minute with him.  Well, it was freezing and the last thing I wanted to do was run, but I did go with him and then in the middle of the walkway below this hill, he told me to wait there and not move.  I was getting a little anxious to get out of the cold but he starts running back to me about 30 seconds later and he had a rose in his hand.  I thought that it was cute but was wondering where in the world he got that flower from.  When I kept asking where it came from, he just gave me a little smirk that he always gives me and just kept walking back to the car.  That was rose number 5. We get back to the car and we start driving to Salt Lake because we had dinner reservations at 6:30pm for Tacanos.

 The traffic was really bad getting there so we had to push our reservations to 7 so we could make it in time. But we get to the register and the woman hand me rose number 6.

 This night kept getting better and better!!!!!  We had a great meal and really enjoyed each others company.  He spoiled me so much this whole night.  The waiter was asking Mike what all of the roses were about and he just told her it was all about celebrating 12-12-12.  When I asked him what all of the flowers were really about he told me that he was making up for not getting me flowers for our ballroom concert, somehow, I knew he was lying :)

The food was great but I got full a lot faster than mike did.  After dinner, we headed over to Temple Square.  We had already seen the lights from the weekend before but mike told me that he just wanted us to take a quick stroll inside of it.  As we were walking and taking photos of the temple, 2 sister missionaries handed me rose number 7. I was asking Mike the entire night where he knew all these people from and he again...just smirked.  Typical Mike.  :)

Our next stop was City Creek. We love this shopping heaven and it was so beautiful!!  We walked around the mall a bit and looked at the lights.  We walked into the inside of city creek. I was looking around enjoying the lights and I look in front of me and there is this little two year old boy who walks up to me and hands me another rose.  That was so adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!  He was a little shy but managed to tell me Merry Christmas with the cutest little voice ever.  That was rose number 8.  We headed up to the Capitol Building which I think is stunning!! We started walking up the stairs and as we got up to the top, I saw my dad on the very top holding a rose for me.  I started to tear up and hugged him.  He gave me rose number 9.  We started walking away and we headed towards to east of the capitol to this lit up pathway that headed down a huge hill into memorial park.  This park is my favorite park on the planet! Mike and I had been there once before on a date back in July to have some fun.  When we got to the bottom of the steps, he showed me the steps.  Here is a little background story, last time we were at this exact spot, on the steps was written, "I'll love you every step of the way." Kinda cheesy I know, but we took a picture of both of us by the steps and I merged the two pictures together.  When we were back there the words were there still.

                                It was very special.  Here is the photo from clear back in July. 

As we started walking again, a girl that we both didn't know turns out came and brought me two more roses numbers 10 and 11.  Such a surprise!! She walked away and Mike and I walked further down the street so I could read the notes on them.  The things he wrote on the cards were so beautiful.  I always tell Mike that he talks to me sometimes like a poet and it is very romantic just as a side note ;)  But after I read the notes, we started walking to a bridge that goes over a creek into the pond and the sound of the rushing water was so peaceful and beautiful.  While we were walking to the bridge, Mike randomly told me to look and him and I asked him why and he said, please just look into my eyes.  I will admit, I thought it was the most awkward thing we had ever done as a couple but hilarious at the same time.  When we walked on the bridge, he told me to face west of him and turn around from him.  He told me that he was going to blind fold me.  I hate being blind folded especially in the dark, but...Mike grabbed my hand and told me to follow him.  With the trust that I had in him to not let me fall, I almost tripped over steps...silly boy.  But as we were climbing up these giant steps, I kept tripping and Mike scoops me up and carries me all the way up the stairs.  He puts me down and tells me to hold still for a minute.  He tells me that he is taking of my blind fold and as soon as he takes it off, I open my eyes and I am in complete shock. 

 I don't have pictures of it yet, but this is what the candles looked like all over the grass and there were white rose petals all over the grass.

In front of me, there was a stone bench that had all of the roses from the entire day all lined up in a row  and there was one, rose number 12, in the middle of the brick pavement.   I read the note and it was just as beautiful if not more than the others.  Mike told me to do what the instructions said at the bottom but I was so in shock I forgot what it said and so I had to re-read it over again.  It told me to place the last rose with the 11 others.  I got to put the rose down and as soon as I turn around, I see Mike...kneeling on one knee.  As soon as I saw him, I went into even more shock and the whole moment felt like a dream.  I kept asking over and over if that moment was real and I put my hands over my face and I started crying, so much that I couldn't stop.  I don't remember the exact words but Mike asked me if I would make him the happiest man and be his wife.  I was so excited that I said yes before he even showed me the ring.  I did not care what the ring was at that point, I just knew that I was going to be engaged to my very best friend and the love of my life that I said yes really loud while still crying.  

He opened the ring box and this incredibly beautiful diamond ring was sparkling in the box.  I kept kissing him and once again, couldn't believe this moment was real.  He put the ring on my finger and I hugged him more than I ever have before and couldn't stop kissing him I was way too happy!!! Afte the engagement happened, we went back to city creek and took some photos.  

This is one of our first photos together as an engaged couple!!  

                         Michael picked out the ring all on his own and I am in love with it!

We are so thrilled about an amazing future ahead of us!! We haven't decided on a date yet for our wedding but it will definitely be Salt Lake Temple :) So, the date is to be announced! Can't wait to marry his and become Giselle McShinsky! Hope everyone has a wonderful night!! :)

-Naturally Blue

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Winter Wonderland

This weekend has been so beautiful in Utah! We finally got some snow in *(about time)* With all of the stress happening with finals week, all college students need to get some fun time in.  And as usual, weekends are date nights!

Friday night, Mike and I decided to go to his singles ward Christmas party.  He has an amazing ward with such nice and very uplifting people.  We had dinner and a wonderful and hilarious program!

They had us color the program.  Felt like Elementary/Primary all over again haha

Saturday, I had no work, no dance, nothing!! First free Saturday in such a long time.  That morning my sister Liesl and I decorated cookies to take to her work.  We had a blast!! I love spending time with her when she comes home to visit.  

Saturday night was date night.  I wanted to go up to temple square to see the lights since it had been a really long time since I have been able to go...but...we hit the snow storm.  My shoes had giant holes in them and my socks were literally dripping, got hot chocolate from the Joseph Smith Memorial Building, listened to amazing choirs in the Tabernacle, took lots of photos (which is a given), dropped my City Creek, went and got desert, put a dollar bill and a dime in the "wishing wells" and had so much fun! Regardless of the fact that it was freezing and wet.

Our capitol is Beautiful is covered in snow.  

But the temple beats it 10 fold.

The Nativity

Surrounding the temple grounds they have these little lanterns that say different words about Christmas in every single Language around the entire world.  Michael went on his mission to Russia and so of course we had to hunt down for the Russian ones :)

Salt Lake during the winter time is so incredibly beautiful.  It snows a lot down there and I love going during the Holiday season.  If you haven't had a chance to get down to temple square, head on down!! 

I hope everyone is having a great season thus far!!!

-Naturally Blue 

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Savy Purchases

 I am one that used to absolutely hate shopping, and when I say hate I mean HATE.  Then Michael came into my life an introduced me to the deadly eBay.  Darn that man...I love it!! But one thing that is nice about eBay is that they have some great stuff for great deals!!! I don't like to spend a lot of money especially on myself.  With my new budget book that I mentioned in my last post, it is good for me to determine how much I can spend on myself if I really want something.  I'll usually get something little every month and it is hardly ever more than $10-$15 dollars.  That is my usual limit.

These boots right here were my most recent purchase:

 I ordered other boots but my purchase was canceled sadly.  My boots that I currently own are completely thrashed and torn to I needed to make a little investment.  They were only $34.19 such a good deal right!?  My thought is, if you are going to spend, spend within your budget.  These beauties are normally around $75Saving Shopper right here!! 

Some other great purchases I have made in the past:
Ballroom girls out there...we all know how expensive our latin/standard pumps are right?? Go to EBAY! I bought my most recent competitive Latin shoes from Hong Kong.  

 Guess how much these beauties were...$39.95 that is right... they are amazing!!! The heel guard is more of a wax/rubber type and doesn't wear out nearly as fast and dancing in these shoes in like dancing in slippers.  Not a single blister formed.  

 I love earrings, utterly and completely.  I bought some for all of the girls in my family and they were supposed to be stocking fillers for Christmas....I couldn't wait to give it to them so as soon as they arrived in the mail I gave them to them!

I got all different colors/sizes/designs and such and these you won't believe...$0.99. I know you think I am kidding.  Not even.  My thought process is, I would rather wait for a few weeks to get something that has just as good or better quality on eBay than get it at a retail store and pay triple to amount.  Not even worth their price tag and regualar stores. 

The list goes on and on.  I love saving money and getting great quality items.  You would think that ordering from China and Hong Kong would be a little risky especially over the internet, but I'm telling you, I trust them so much.  They provide great service and quality items.  They key is to research who you are buying from before you purchase to make sure that no one is hacking you.

Moral of the post, shop from ebay.
         Happy shopping!

-Naturally Blue

(If you would like the user ID's of who I purchase from, contact below). 

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Busy Bee and Happy

Oh the stressful week before's anything but beautiful.  This past we had our ballroom concert at UVU.  It was such a huge success!!

Paul put on such a wonderful concert.  The 3 hours every single night this entire semester and it completely paid off.  Great job team!!!

My sweet family came and brought me these wonderful flowers.  Liesl and Justin got to come on Opening night and my mom came Friday night and Saturday night the rest of my family got to come.  It is so wonderful coming out for your opening number and see your family, smack dab in the middle of the audience.  

Paul was so kind to let us have the week off to be able to study for finals coming up next week.  I think our entire team really needed this break. Thank you Paul!

It has been so nice to be getting home at around 5:30pm the last two days.  It has never felt so good to come home, help my mom get ready for dinner and have dinner with my family, get study time in, and be in my bed asleep by 10:30 at night.  I am definitely soaking it up!  Mike and I got to go on a walk in the park this afternoon after work to just get some relax time in.  

Utah is so beautiful! Especially in the winter time, but...we need a little bit of snow on the ground if I do say so myself.  

Christmas is well on its way! I am enjoying getting "prepared" if you know what I mean ;) Mike informed me today that he will be spending a week in Texas during Christmas which will be so fun for him! So we will be spending some serious time with our families during the holidays which will be so great! 

Anyway...I really am looking forward to having finals over and I can focus on the joy of this upcoming holiday and enjoying family and friends! I got to watch my little sissy Britt'e Bre in her choir concert tonight and I haven't been able to be at one all semester long and that was amazing too.  So grateful for this holiday season and all the happiness it brings.  

Lately, I have been doing well with organizing my finances.  I have started my own little "BUDGET BOOK".  I will tell you, it is incredible! 

They have these really nifty budget printouts on the internet.  I printed out a bunch and put them in a binder.  Every time I spend money on something, I ALWAYS make sure they give me the receipt and I take the receipt and staple it to the budget page along with logging in how much was spent and what my current balance is in my checking account.  It is great to see how I am doing with my spending and what things I can completely cut out on and things that I can live with going "cheaper" so to speak.  

Also, a growing savings account is beautiful!! I take each of my paychecks and I take out tithing first of course, then I put half of my checks and put them in savings and budget out the remaining money.  It is doing great things, especially during this Holiday season! 

Hope everyone is having a great holiday season!! 

-Naturally Blue