Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Well, so much has been going on lately.  Halloween has already passed, and it is NOVEMBER. I can't believe it is already here!! My mouth has never felt better since having my wisdom teeth pulled, school has only a month left (which is utterly terrifying) and birthdays in my family are coming up, the holidays, there is so much to be excited about!!

Mike and I had our first in state comp together this last weekend.  Here is some of our dancing! We really enjoyed ourselves :)

It was so wonderful to have my family come and watch us dance as well as Michael's.  There is nothing better then when you are dead tired and you are doing the Jive in the final round and you look up and see your mom and siblings cheering you on.    Looking forward to this weekend at the BYU November Dancesport Competition.  For those of you who have never been to a competition, this is a good one!! We are dancing Friday night.  We had a great lesson with Brent Keck yesterday and looking forward to our lesson with Shala Hanks tonight! Love our coaches :)  My new dress for the competition is done and my sweet mom spent time out of her busy week to stone it.  Wow...all I'm gonna say is it looks awesome!! (Pictures to come soon).

As the entire United States knows, yesterday was election day.  I was driving with my dad to school and with my busy schedule I was planning on not being able to vote since I have no vehicle and I'm constantly going all day long.  My dad knew that this was a good experience that I needed so we get to UVU and turn around to go back home so I can vote.
I thought I had registered all the way but...turns out I didn't so I got to vote the old fashion way.  Needless to say, I got my sticker, don't worry :)

I'm disappointed with how the election turned out but on the bright side, it will give me a lot right about for my Government paper.  So just in case you hadn't guessed I was for Team Romney. I am unaffiliated with which political party I am under because nobody is perfect and my opinion changes (quite frequently) .  I am hoping that Obama can lead our Country out of these hard time to build us as a nation and create the jobs and support the United States needs.  

   School is ridiculous as always.  The hardest part is my math 1050 class which might I add has a 46% FAIL rate at UVU.  That is certainly comforting. But, although my chances of being outside of the percentage are incredibly slim, still trying to get through.   

Starting to take more photos again which is making me even more excited to get on with my major!! 

Michael got to have his turn for a shot.  I'm really wanting to get pictures of my sisters up in the canyon before all of the fall leaves get yucky and gross and before the snow starts falling...

That is what is new as of lately.  Hope everyone is having a great middle of their week!!

-Naturally Blue 

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