Saturday, November 10, 2012

Little Bit of Wonderful

This weekend has been AMAZING!  This weekend it has been BYU Dancesport Championships.  With a new dress, our wonderful coaches and our parents there to cheer us on, it was a successful weekend placing 4th in Amateur Latin!!

It was definitely a good weekend a great learning experience for Michael and I. 

Our Latin coaches: Brent Keck and Shala Hanks.  We are so grateful for these guys!! 

Today was a day filled with working wonderful dads birthday!!! One of the many things that I love about our family is my parents have taught us since we were young kids that birthdays are such an important day.  And what better way to spend a special day than with a special dad.  

I love my dad more than any guy in the entire world.   He is amazing and is so good with taking car of 6 women in one household (7 including Vannah).  He is so patient, hard working, and always pushing us girls to do our best and to never settle for less than we deserve. I know every kid says this about their parents but it is as true as ever, I couldn't have been blessed with a better dad than my own.  Love you Dad xoxo.

A tradition in the "Wright" Family is we always go see a movie on our birthday. Always.  Tonight as we came out of the movie, we had a bit of a winter wonderland outside of the Theater.

A perfect way to end the night spent with family.  Hope the snow keeps on coming!! 

Have a wonderful night!

-Naturally Blue 

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  1. Giselle I am so proud of you!!! Wish I coulda been there to see the greatness.