Sunday, November 18, 2012

The Holidays Came Early

Well Thanksgiving is closely approaching and we already have a head start in this household.  But with the holidays arriving, another gift comes along, it is the gift "sickness".  For this past week I have gone to work talking for 4 hours straight and giving some people a bit of comic relief before their test with having no voice, so nice to see smiles in the testing center.  :)
Friday, after work Mike and I went over to his house to work on a surprise for Mikes parents.  His older brother Stan and his wife Jessica decided to remodel and do their kitchen, off to work we went! I organized the dishes and everything while Mike and Stan sanded.  Then we got to paint.  They worked so hard the next to days finishing up before Libby and Phil (Mikes parents) got home from Ohio.  Here is their end product, it is amazing!

Saturday after work, Michael picked me up and we went over to my house to help my family put up some decorations.  We LOVE Christmas!!! We love the hot chocolate, the hallmark Christmas movies, Christmas trees, Christmas lights, Christmas music, everything...LITERALLY.  Blasting One Direction, Spaghetti, and Hot Chocolate, nothing better.

Today we had an early thanksgiving at my Aunt Roma's house.  My childhood best friend Aimee, has been working at Disney world since July and she surprised all of us and came home for a visit.  She won't be here for thanksgiving so we decided to get together today.   Going to miss you Aimee-Doo! See you in 2 months!! 

The weather has been getting much cooler in Utah.  Storms have been coming our way and it is so beautiful!

I love this time of year and being able to spend it with family and friends.  Can't wait for Thanksgiving this week!! We all have so much to be grateful for.

-Naturally Blue

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