Saturday, October 13, 2012

Tis the Season

One of the reasons I love fall so much is because that is when all of the decorating happens and I love it! My mom has a very special way of making things look phenomenal! This morning it was my little sisters and myself with mom and we went and got some grocery shopping, and I mentioned that I wanted us to start decorating for fall, and we did exactly that. 

5 minutes from our house is a Market and we went in seek of great pumpkins.

 We had a bit of digging to do for the idea that my mom wanted to create.  We found 4 perfect pumpkins and headed to Hobby Lobby to get the remainder of the things we needed. 

All I can say is, our craft for the day is amazing! Looks great on the porch :) Now, we need a fall wreath.

Tonight, Mike and I went out with a few other couples for a date night that was absolutely fabulous! We wanted to go to Hee Haw's which is "cheaper".  We went and explored the area before we went into the Haunted Hay Ride..

 This pig was HUGE!

Meet Becky and Mike

Keenan and Laura

Mike and myself

We were having an absolute blast! Laura and I are a wee-bit afraid of scary things but off to the Haunted area we went! It was funny because we didn't really get scared, at all, just more of us laughing at the people that were trying to scare us, we were laughing at them, but it was a blast and we made it out without wetting our pants :)

 Here is a "Did you know" Fact of the day.

We went back to Keenan's house, and chit-chatted while he and Laura made brownies for us.  Then we started a movie "Harry Potter 7 Part Two".  Such a good movie but midnight came all too quickly.  Utah Valley is definitely starting feel like fall more and more.  The weather is getting cooler every single day.  I am loving every moment!

-Naturally Blue

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