Sunday, October 7, 2012

Sunday Session

This Sunday morning has started out great! Got to sleep in which was so incredibly nice.  One of the wonderful things about living at home, and having an amazing mom who cooks incredibly well is how the smells fill the entire house.

Every Conference Sunday morning, my mom always makes Kneaders French Toast.  I love this breakfast so much! We only have it at this time every year as well as the April General Conference.

It is so delicious! I love that during every season/holiday we get to put out different decorations that fill our house.  My mom has a way of turning anything into something that is a beautiful presentation.

We got to enjoy watching the morning session together.  Missing my little sister Britt'e though while she has been at Bear Lake for the weekend and can't wait for her to come home and be with us.  We missed Liesl and Justin as well.  Mike and I were unable to get tickets to the afternoon session of General Conference, but we are hoping that in April we will be able to attend.

After an amazing dinner with my family, Mike picked me up to take me to walk around temple square.  We had an absolute blast! Incredibly chilly at the end though.

 Temple Square was so crowded and it was amazing! It was wonderful to see all of the people who had attended conference and were in Salt Lake to enjoy the beauty that it has to offer.  Living in Utah, I will admit that I take for granted having SO MANY temples so close and not taking them to my full advantage, definitely something that I am going to work on.

It was Mike and I's first time heading down there together, we had a blast being silly and weird of course and soaking up the environment.  The City was quiet tonight and so peaceful.  Being SL, it is usually busy and going all the time, but it was so nice to just walk the streets and hear silence.  The view from on top of the Conference Center was beautiful at sunset.  Heavenly Father places so much beauty right in front of us and I believe that every single day we see pieces of heaven and how wonderful the future looks.  

I hope everyone had a good conference weekend!!

Happy Monday tomorrow.

-Naturally Blue

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