Sunday, October 7, 2012

Enjoying Every Moment

This weekend has been such a blast so far.  It has been the first weekend since school started that I have got to spend both Friday and Saturday night with just my family.  The weekend was of course not slow by any means, but despite the fact that it was still busy I enjoyed it!

I have discovered the lovely eBay.  That is a really bad thing.  I am still a huge fan of Forever21 jeans online. $10.80 jeans, that I love, I'll definitely pay for.  From a past post I wrote about trying gold colored nail polish for the fall, bought some, and love it.

                                                DG Sunglasses, $9.89 (eBay and love them)

But anyway...

Friday night, Mike and I had a lesson with Brent which is always great!
Then it was date night with my dad and off the the BYU game to watch them beat the Aggies! :) It was so nice to have it just be my dad and I.  Before the game, we went and split our first time ever having a cougar tail.

 Of course we had to split it. 

My dad was so nice, he wanted to buy me something. :) We went into the sports shop below the stadium and he bought me a very adorable white zip up sweat shirt.  Thanks dad!

(A picture of my dad and I soon to come, once I steal it off of his camera ha)

I had been to one other football game and really enjoyed it, but this time, having one-on-one time with dad...nothing beats that. :)  It was freezing, and by end of the game, I had on 3 sweatshirts with every hoodie over my head and dad let me wrap the blanket around me to keep me warm.  

The game was intense and close.  The entire first half was all defense and BYU didn't score until the second half was a few seconds from being over.  What a relief.  The score ended up being 6 to 3.  We won, but not by much...Doesn't matter though, a win is a WIN!

We made it back to the car about 20 minutes after the game ended and those who live in the Provo area know how TERRIBLE the traffic is, but we finally made it through.  Time flew because I was all wrapped up in the blanket and 3 hoodies, I fell right asleep in the car.  1am hit, and we were finally home.  Off to bed.

Saturday morning came way too early and I woke up in a complete panic because I had work at 8:45am and I woke up at 8, which meant I had to be out the door 15 minutes...but made it to work on time.  5 hours at the UVU Testing Center flew by because of how insanely busy it was.  I was so disappointed that I had to miss the morning session of General Conference, which I read was amazing with them changing the ages for missionaries! Men: 18 and Women: 19.  This is going to be such a historic change and will benefit so many lives and we are thrilled! As well as two new Temples in Peru and Arizona.  So amazing! 

After I got home from work, I made it just in time for the afternoon session. It was great! I was lying down on my bed watching the session and by the end, with how extremely tired I was, by the end of the session, I fell right asleep.  After I woke up, I became productive and cleaned.
It isn't very often that Mike and I aren't doing something on the weekend so it was weird for us not to have plans but he went to priesthood.  He sent me a couple photos of  him looking sharp!

When my dad got home from priesthood, we all decided to go see a movie together.  Taken 2 oh my goodness....that movie scared the living begiebies out of me. My little sister Kalinja sat next to me and she was making fun of me after the movie.  My legs were shaking, I almost cried out of being so scared of the intensity, and the scarf around my neck, I was practically strangling myself with it so I had something to grab on to. We got in the car to head home and we were blasting the Beibs.

Love family and loving this weekend.

Sunday is another great day ahead! Mike and I are trying to get to the Sunday session tomorrow afternoon.  Cross your fingers we get to go!

Sweet Dreams everyone!

-Naturally Blue 

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