Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Up to date

Well, for those who are in school, congratulations, we have made to week 3.
    Feeling accomplished? I definitely am.  Mainly for that fact that I am still standing on two feet.

 Waking up everyday, having the same routine has it perks I guess, but there are days when time drags...but then there comes the good stuff, the weekend! Where nothing is necessarily planned or required.  Speaking of weekends, here is how Mike and I's Saturday went. 

Friday night, during team we were doing costumes until late hours of the evening to prepare for a photo shoot we were having the following morning.  After 3 1/2 of fun, everyone seemed to be a bit exhausted.  :)

Except maybe David...:)

All in all, the morning was great! Then it was time to head home and get the weekly Saturday cleaning catch-up done. After that was done, it was date night for Mike and I, since Saturday is the only day that we have free to go on dates.  He knows how much I LOVE spaghetti, so, we decided to make dinner for each other.   With a delicious and beautiful pasta and broiled garlic bread.  (I of course had to text my mom about what temperature the oven needed to be, what a good mom she is!)

Mike is adorable.  He set the table all by himself. It looks gorgeous!! His dad made home-made apple juice and boy is it soo incredibly good! 
We make a good lil' chef team if I do say so myself.  :)

I love date nights because we hardly ever do the same thing more than one weekend in a row.  It makes it a surprise and is always something incredibly fun. 

Now Sunday was a great day as well! I love Sunday AKA family day.  We had Regional Conference here is Utah County and it was so good! Elder Oaks spoke along with his wife and the two of the together put an amazing message out to all of the stakes watching.  So many good messages.  

After church, my mom, sisters, and I all started cooking dinner.  My mom always has incredible meal ideas, which are always a success! Bringing my inner child of course, had some fun. 

The spoon, might I add, stayed there for two minutes. Skill.

Michael and I went to a fireside later that night at UVU and listened to President Holland (President Hollands son) and he had a great message. We got to see friends from high school, dance, friends just off missions and it was a great night.  

Despite everything that is not going like I planned in life (right now), life is good and it is busy and I'm living it to the fullest.  A good quote I'm remembering this week, "Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference." 

Happy Tuesday everyone! Make it a good one. :) 

-Naturally blue

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