Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Make-Up discoveries

I was on KSL the other day and found some amazing ways to use your make-up to the fullest. Some were so interesting, I had to share! Everything is easy and EXTREMELY cheap.

Every girl in the world knows how annoying it is when your mascara runs out out or dries up.
Every girl on this planet knows how annoying it is when your mascara "runs out".  But did you know there is still about 1/3 of the bottle with mascara in there that is just dried up? Interesting right.  Here's the tip: Add 4-5 drops of saline solution or eye drops.  Easy right?

Next, part of the reason make up is so expensive is because being women, we like to make sure our face looks nice all day. 
And so we keep reapplying and reapplying makeup throughout the day so that we look our best.  It is annoying, lets be honest here. Tip 2: If you want your make up to stay on all day, apply a very thin layer of cornstarch to add the finishing touch to your makeup.  Once again, easy, and affordable. 

Being in the ballroom world, I use a lot of eyeshadow.  I love all colors and looks.  I have a rather large set of about 50 different colors of eyeshadow and at a competition, I drop it and the eye shadow broke into crumbly pieces and wasn't smooth anymore.  
Once again, there is a solution for that.  Tip 3: Add a few drops of rubbing alcohol, and gently smoosh the pieces back together.  Again, ANOTHER household item.

This next idea is genius.  I love lip gloss from Victoria Secret, that is $20 dollars. Not exactly what we would call "cheap" 

Tip 4:  Crush remaining makeup until its a fair powder, add lip balm /lip gloss and swirl and mix ingredients.  It becomes an amazing lip gloss!!! 

Try these out!! 

Have a great day! 

-Naturally Blue

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  1. OMG! this is amazing!!! Thanks for the tips sis! I really will use them! Genius....