Sunday, September 30, 2012

Lil' bit of lately

What a busy week it has been! Nothing new of course on the busy side.  Dance goes late every night, work is busy, and homework is up the wazoo, but that is the life of a college student.  I love my weekends though.  Friday afternoon, I had work and I was feeling sick and Mike came to pick me up after my shift.  When he pulled up, he told me he had a surprise to make me feel better.  That sweet guy brought me flowers and chocolate to help some of the pain I was having go away.  A perfect way to end a day of work and feeling sick.  We had a lesson an hour after and being the sweet guy Michael is, he let me sleep so I could re-boost my energy to get through the end of the night.

I made it through my lesson and team later that night.  Mike and I also hit our 5 month dating mark on Friday and he wanted to treat me to dinner at Red Lobster.  So good!

We had a starter of onion rings and squid.  I had never had squid before and I surprisingly liked it.  And then for our main course, we had lobster, shrimp, scallions (which we LOVE) mashed potatoes.  It was good! I decided that I wanted to expand my pallet.  Such a good 5 months we had and are looking for many to come. 

Saturday, such a good day! For the first time in such a long time, I got to sleep in.  Wow, it felt so good! I got the lawn mowed, some weeding done, some laundry done, and then I got to head off with my family and Mike to see my beautiful ballerina sisters perform at the covey theater. They did so well!!!
                                                 Getting a snap shot after the show.

After the show, Mike and I went over to his house and found his mom sitting at the neighbors house.  We walked over to say hello and they were all eating.  Their neighbors are from Mexico and the mom was making "real" taco's from Mexico.  They had grilled cactus on them. incredibly good! They were such a sweet family and were telling us how to speak correct Spanish and how even just an accent on a word can change to meaning completely.  For example: "Cha, Cha" and "Cha Cha Cha" have COMPLETELY different meanings.  Cha Cha: means a lady that cleans for you and Cha Cha Cha: is the actual dance.  Interesting huh?  Anyway, we all talked for about and hour and they wanted to see us do our Cha Cha routine in "exchange" for our authentic dinner.  So we headed to the studio in Mike's backyard, turned on some music and we danced.  It was fun, but...a little hard to do in non-stretchy jeans. :) We all talked for a bit then it was time to get me home by midnight.

When we got in the car, Mike gave a wonderful suggestion.  Hot Chocolate.  MY FAVORITE.  I drink it all year round if I have access to it.   So we stopped off at a little joint in Provo to get some coco and enjoyed a good conversation and great company :)  So nice to be with my family this week and to be able to see them for more than 5 minutes in an entire day.  And privileged to be such a lucky girl ;)

Hope you all have a great Sunday and a great start to a brand new week!

-Naturally Blue

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