Sunday, September 30, 2012

Lil' bit of lately

What a busy week it has been! Nothing new of course on the busy side.  Dance goes late every night, work is busy, and homework is up the wazoo, but that is the life of a college student.  I love my weekends though.  Friday afternoon, I had work and I was feeling sick and Mike came to pick me up after my shift.  When he pulled up, he told me he had a surprise to make me feel better.  That sweet guy brought me flowers and chocolate to help some of the pain I was having go away.  A perfect way to end a day of work and feeling sick.  We had a lesson an hour after and being the sweet guy Michael is, he let me sleep so I could re-boost my energy to get through the end of the night.

I made it through my lesson and team later that night.  Mike and I also hit our 5 month dating mark on Friday and he wanted to treat me to dinner at Red Lobster.  So good!

We had a starter of onion rings and squid.  I had never had squid before and I surprisingly liked it.  And then for our main course, we had lobster, shrimp, scallions (which we LOVE) mashed potatoes.  It was good! I decided that I wanted to expand my pallet.  Such a good 5 months we had and are looking for many to come. 

Saturday, such a good day! For the first time in such a long time, I got to sleep in.  Wow, it felt so good! I got the lawn mowed, some weeding done, some laundry done, and then I got to head off with my family and Mike to see my beautiful ballerina sisters perform at the covey theater. They did so well!!!
                                                 Getting a snap shot after the show.

After the show, Mike and I went over to his house and found his mom sitting at the neighbors house.  We walked over to say hello and they were all eating.  Their neighbors are from Mexico and the mom was making "real" taco's from Mexico.  They had grilled cactus on them. incredibly good! They were such a sweet family and were telling us how to speak correct Spanish and how even just an accent on a word can change to meaning completely.  For example: "Cha, Cha" and "Cha Cha Cha" have COMPLETELY different meanings.  Cha Cha: means a lady that cleans for you and Cha Cha Cha: is the actual dance.  Interesting huh?  Anyway, we all talked for about and hour and they wanted to see us do our Cha Cha routine in "exchange" for our authentic dinner.  So we headed to the studio in Mike's backyard, turned on some music and we danced.  It was fun, but...a little hard to do in non-stretchy jeans. :) We all talked for a bit then it was time to get me home by midnight.

When we got in the car, Mike gave a wonderful suggestion.  Hot Chocolate.  MY FAVORITE.  I drink it all year round if I have access to it.   So we stopped off at a little joint in Provo to get some coco and enjoyed a good conversation and great company :)  So nice to be with my family this week and to be able to see them for more than 5 minutes in an entire day.  And privileged to be such a lucky girl ;)

Hope you all have a great Sunday and a great start to a brand new week!

-Naturally Blue

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Dance Weekend

What a weekend! It was so busy and lots of fun as well!! Friday night, all of us members of the tour team had to get our costumes ready for our first show as a team together for the Scholarship Ball at Utah Valley University.  The girls had an assignment to sew our West Coast swing fringe tops and give them a little sparkle and to have it finished before we had to be at the UCCU center the following day.

Anyway, Saturday morning at 6:00am rolls around, time to wake up.  We helped volunteer at the Family Fun Fair that was held at UVU. It is getting colder here in Utah since Fall has finally approached and so I was in need of a Hot Chocolate run before I got to UVU, good thing because it was FREEZING. Paul, Mike, and more members on our team Lance and Andy, and myself were all there at 7:30am to help set up, we had a good time! Got to blast music and the boys all ate breakfast, which in my opinion looked question is, who and why would someone put ice cream on pancakes? Sick...

Anyway, after setting up was all done, I needed to hurry home to get the lawn mowed and start sewing.  I love my mom, when I am complaining about how my finger tips are hurting from shoving the needle back and forth for about 4 hrs might I add, my mom says, "It's good for you!" She is most definitely right, I need to start doing the basics like cooking and sewing A LOT more.  Cleaning and such, I don't mind doing at all, now I need to get around the whole spectrum.  But anyway after 4 hours of sewing I had to jump in the shower, tan, slick my hair, and lacquer on the  make-up.  note it was 3:00pm at this point and I only had until 5.  That sounds like a lot of time...not even. But needless to say, I did it!

My sweet dad dropped me off at UVU and then we all met as a team.  Paul let us know what exactly the plan was and got in focus mode.  We started with foxtrot, which here is a glimpse of what the dance/costumes look like.
We all got dressed and were about to go on stage.  When we went on stage, the crowd was cheering.  One not so good thing was we were being filmed and didn't know it.  Kinda distracting when there is a giant TV projector right in front of your face and you can see your self blown up and your thoughts are, "Hey! That's me!" not a good idea to do that when you are performing.  The number was great though! Paul said it looked great as well!

After we were getting into our next costumes, we had a special delivery in the girls dressing room.  Dinner! The whole team came into our dressing room and we ate dinner together.  After we ate, Paul gathered us up as a group and let us know how proud of us he was, and that he was proud of our hard work in just these 3 weeks we have been doing team.  Such a good experience.  Then he wanted us to get our first photo as a brand new team and what Paul called, "The start of a new beginning." Turned out pretty good for being in a locker room.
The last number went so well! We love being a team and we are all growing closer every single day.  After the performing we all got into our formals, yes formals.  So fun! We talked to all the donors and we all got to dance with them.  Such a good experience.  First successful show down, a great year ahead.

Have a great week!

-Naturally Blue 

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Fall Fashion - Make up tips

I am loving, not just for looking at cars that I wish I had money to buy, but...they have so many good make up tips I had to share! (Again).  I'm planning on putting up a post specifically for cosmetics/fashion at least once every week or every other week.  It is just the beginning of Fall and this is my favorite wardrobe and weather month.

While I had some spare time at work a few days ago, here are some more amazing "Cheap/good to know tips"

1. Adding highlights softens the lines of a square jaw or too full chin area.
2. Short hair works for rounder faces but everything should be in balance.  The top or back should be longer than the rest to help counter balance.
3. Keep hair parted in the middle or a shallow side part to draw the eyes straight up.  Avoid low side parts altogether.
4. If you hair is up, you want it one the high side. Don't do updo's too wide. You want it tighter on the sides.
                                          Here are a couple of examples I found on the web.



Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Up to date

Well, for those who are in school, congratulations, we have made to week 3.
    Feeling accomplished? I definitely am.  Mainly for that fact that I am still standing on two feet.

 Waking up everyday, having the same routine has it perks I guess, but there are days when time drags...but then there comes the good stuff, the weekend! Where nothing is necessarily planned or required.  Speaking of weekends, here is how Mike and I's Saturday went. 

Friday night, during team we were doing costumes until late hours of the evening to prepare for a photo shoot we were having the following morning.  After 3 1/2 of fun, everyone seemed to be a bit exhausted.  :)

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Make-Up discoveries

I was on KSL the other day and found some amazing ways to use your make-up to the fullest. Some were so interesting, I had to share! Everything is easy and EXTREMELY cheap.

Every girl in the world knows how annoying it is when your mascara runs out out or dries up.
Every girl on this planet knows how annoying it is when your mascara "runs out".  But did you know there is still about 1/3 of the bottle with mascara in there that is just dried up? Interesting right.  Here's the tip: Add 4-5 drops of saline solution or eye drops.  Easy right?

Monday, September 10, 2012


In many ways, I like being busy, is not easy.  For the first time in my college experience thus far I have never been so busy, EVER.  It is teaching me a lot though.  I have now realized how important it is to budget your time wisely when it comes to schooling and life in general. My first two years in college, I took time for granted far too often and now I wish that I had more to get everything that I need done in my 7:30am-10pm ongoing schedule, with only a two hour block to get my regular academic class(es) homework completed.

I am loving my experience on Team though.  Paul is doing some amazing things and he expects a lot out of us, which is only going to improve our team as a whole. We have so many exciting events coming up and we have all been pulling our weight to make sure that we look clean and are prepared for the events on their way.

I am still loving my job, and when I say I love it, I love every aspect about it more and more.  My mom and dad used to tell me at my past jobs, that in most situations, you aren't going to find something perfect right now while you are in college, but I think I got really lucky and I am so grateful to work where I do and to work with the people that I do.  It makes the entire college experience that much more enjoyable. 

I miss seeing my family thought, probably more than they know.  I look forward to Sunday dinner as a family where I get to be with them since during the week, the only time I see them is when I walk out the door in the morning.  My sweet parents have been so supportive in helping me handle my new busy schedule and them sharing their love and concern to make sure that I am doing okay.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

First week is down and complete! It was nice to get a little taste of what my fall semester is going to be looking like.  All I can say is...busy.  Going non stop every single day from 7:30am and done at 10pm at night with "zero" breaks.  My classes are going well, but again...busy.
We also had our first day of tour team this year.  It is going to be a very eventful year with that as well.  Our new coach, Paul Winkleman, is going to do a great job with our team this year and we are all thrilled and beyond excited to have him over the company.

I had my first complete week of my new job.  All, I can say is, I LOVE IT.  I love my co-workers and everyone that I work with.  Such a positive place to be.