Saturday, August 25, 2012

Summer's Gone

Today was sadly the last day of summer vacation.  Starting Monday, school begins, my first "real" day at my new job, and lots of dancing that follows along with homework.  Summer of 2012 has been one of the best, and interesting summers I have had.  To end this amazing season, it needed to go out with a bang. 

Beginning of the morning/afternoon was family time :)

My mom, sisters and I all make m&m rice crispy treats for a Homecoming lunch that a family in our ward is having for their son tomorrow. 
                  Of course, I had to dip it in chocolate after we were done ;)
Gorgeous aren't they!?

We had some grocery shopping to do, and mom was kind enough to get frozen yogurts for us at good! No worries, she got one for herself too ;)

Also today, my amazing little athlete of a sister, ran from U of U to BYU for a rivalry relay.  She did so well!! I of course was on camera duty, one of my favorite jobs.  Captured some greats moments!

 Her team did so well! She was in a group with a bunch of her friends and also some women in our ward, which was also so fun to see there with Britt'e as well!

To top this great day off, Mike and I had our weekend usual date night which I look forward to every single weekend! We decided to catch a movie at my favorite theater, Jordan Commons.  We wanted to see Step Up 4 Revolution, but with our luck, they weren't playing it so we decided to see "Bourne" instead.  Oh wow, that movie was amazing!! If you haven't seen it already, I HIGHLY recommend it.  

We wanted to grab a bite before the show she we went to a fish n' chips place at the theater, but we indeed did not get fish n' chips.  I wanted a scone so terribly bad, and we got it! Such a fun date night, I love being able to spend time with Michael doing whatever and having a wonderful time.  

Now, going to head to bed and look forward to my last unofficial day before school starts with having no commitments to worry about.  Have a wonderful night!!

-Naturally Blue

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