Thursday, August 23, 2012

Mike and "I"ke

Mike & I

  Those of you who know us, know how similar and very different we both are.  In 5 days we will have been together 5 months which is has completely blown by so fast, but they have been such a blast thus far! In 5 months, here is what  have learned about Mike.

1. He loves home decor
2. Ask him to do anything, and he will literally do it
3. He can curl his tongue in a clover
4. He loves otter pops
5. Most people don't know this, but he is a phenomenal artist with a pencil, paint, you name it. 
6. He cooks a great breakfast.
7. He lives to give surprises, but before you get the surprise, he will tease you and tell you he has one without giving a hint as to what it may be. 
8. He is shy telling you certain things. 
9. He likes to help you shop and doesn't mind doing it.  He isn't to shabby at putting outfits together!
10. He blogs....:)

This month, I think I'll only stick to 10 things but will keep adding to the list as time goes on. Should be fun/interesting. :) Well, let's add an 11th fact just for kicks.

11. He HATES being called "Mikey" except for a very small pinch of people. 

We are so similar...

We both color coordinate our closets
We will take filtered water over faucet 
We love snow cones
We eat Chinese monthly (at least)
We don't drink Soda
We blog
We love ballroom dancing (together)
We like good deals 
We attend the same University
We both make weird noises while driving
We love movie nights
We both have rather large families
We could listen to comedians all day
We both quote movies ironically at the same time 
We both like "hospital ice"
We both like to act strange in public 
We both like Nutella (I think me more so than him...)
We both get tired at the EXACT same time
We both can't have a staring contest and not laugh

and the list gets let's just end with an "etc."

 We love our fortune cookies fortunes. 

 The thing that I love about us dating is that we are best friends.  Mike can make me laugh NON-STOP.  I love that his sense of humor is dry in the sense that he doesn't laugh after he says something hysterical. 
He has what I call "Mike's classic eyebrow" which unless I make him, he will pull it in a picture. He knows how impatient I am, but he surprises me so often! I love when I will get a surprise visit at work, and he would drive clear from Provo to Lehi, just to say hi to me at the end of my shift and bring me flowers and my favorite candy, Hot Tamales.  

A LUCKY girl I am.

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