Friday, August 24, 2012

Little Italy

Oh what a fun evening Michael and I had.  Tonight, instead of staying in and watching a movie, we decided to get out and go somewhere!  I, of course, was STARVING and was really in the mood for some absolutely delicious.

The original plan was for us to go to the Olive Garden, and seeing as it is a Friday night in Utah, it of course was packed. Mike wanted to take us somewhere nice (how sweet!) and so we headed down to Center street in Provo.  One thing I love about Center street, is how there are so many older shops and how the entire atmosphere feels a bit more, condensed? :)

Anyway, we drove around trying to find a place and we did quite a few U-Turns ;) We really do have an adventure whenever we drive anywhere.  Literally.  But anyway after turning around a few times, we decided to get a bit in Italy. Little Italy.

The setting was adorable and beautiful.  The lighting was really dim and there were a lot of elderly women or couples having dinner.  The cool part about it was we had an accordion player come over and play as well as since for us right next to our table while we ate.  Awkward yet great! He was so very friendly.

For our menu...

Rich plate of cured meats and cheeses imported from Italy, olives, and artichoke hearts
It was very interesting to eat this.  The meat somewhat had no flavor and the artichoke hearts were very strong in flavor due to the oils and such.  The olives we ate still had the seeds inside of them, so for a second, I thought  I was eating a very STRONG flavored cherry that tasted like an olive.  It was a chance to expand my palate.

We had amazing broiled Italian bread that we dipped in Tomato Basil soup.  It was terrible how addicted to this we were.  yumm.

For our entree, we decided to somewhat "build our own" and see how it went.

Entree: ROSATA
Winner of the 2009 Best International Food Award, this sauce sets the standard with our fresh pomarola sauce blended with a
touch of cream, perfectly suited for a marvelous flavor and texture, with penne noodles.


We loved being able to sit and have a nice dinner and talk.  Our service was not great at all but we ignored that factor and just enjoyed the food and each others company which made it a very great experience.  When we were walking out the door, there was a guest book where you could write about your experience and provide comments.  This made me laugh hysterically and here is why.

I told Mike that he should write a comment about how amazing the food and atmosphere were!

I just didn't think that he would manage to take up an entire page, yes a whole page, it the book.  So funny! 

Dating this guy, never gets old.  Had such a great time tonight!

Have a great weekend!

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