Sunday, August 5, 2012

It has been such a great week!! Monday night, mom, sister Liesl, her husband Justin, Mike and myself all went to our good friend Shalena (Fox) Austin's wedding.  What a beautiful they make.  Their ceremony and reception was beautiful!  Mike and I's good friends Kyle and Alicia Treu, got in the photo booth that they had at the reception.  We had fun...:)

We had great food with some great company.  Shalena's mom, Susan Fox, makes the most delicious wedding cakes I have ever tasted.  We also got, "Thank You" cupcakes as we left

Mike and I's ballroom friend Jessie is getting married is less than two weeks and she had such a great bridal shower at the Wakefield's home.  At the end of the shower we had her fiance Zach, Mike, Shane, Sterling, Kyle, Trevor and Todd come to help us at the end of the shower to play a little game ;) First, we blind folded Jessie.

 Spun her around...

And now it was time to let the game begin! She had to find Zach's legs.  It was beyond hilarious.

But she did great! She got it right :)

Later this week, I got to take Mike to see my friends from high school that I haven't seen in ages and German beauty Hannah that I haven't seen in 4 years!  When we went to see them, my friend Andry's dog was having babies.  Poor thing was completely exhausted! We got to hold the ones that had been born and we got to watch 2 more come into the world.  Her dog Sophie had 7 little angels but unfortunately lost one...Andry named her penny.

It seemed to be a week of seeing old friends.  I planned a get together yesterday morning for some of my girlfriends and myself to get together and have breakfast for our friend Michelle who was just recently engaged.  Sometimes, we still act like we did 10 years ago...:)

Later that night, Mike took me on our date night.  We were going to go the BYU Summer Dancesport but were running late to be there in time.  So instead, we walk into Walmart and he randomly grabs skittles and Nutella (My favorite).  He would not tell me what we were doing.  We got back in the car and he pulled into Fat Cats in Provo.  Now I was so confused.  He started pulling out a bunch of the fun size skittle bags and telling me to put them in my purse.  My response, "We are going to eat skittles in Fat Cat's parking lot?"

We walked inside and he said no, we are playing Skittle's Bowling! I had NO IDEA what that was.  we grabbed our bowling balls and he poured the skittles into a cup and pulled out a color of each.

With each skittle, you had to do something while you were bowling.
Green: Turn Twice
Yellow: Bowl between your legs
Purple: Do a little dance
Orange: bowl on your stomach
Red: Bowl with your good hand

Here is how it went down.
                                                     The spelled Mikes name wrong....

 We had probably the lowest bowling scores I have ever seen in my entire life.  I loved the game!!

Now for the Nutella.  We went back to his house and Mike knows how much I love Nutella.  Pinterest had a recipe for Nutella cookies...Perfect :)

We expected them to be better than they were but they were still good! So after the cookies were done, we ate the and grabbed half of a watermelon with spoons and watched our TV Series, White Collar.

Such a great week!

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