Monday, August 27, 2012

3rd Year

I survived my first day in my 3rd year of college! Schedules are insane! I like the people in my class that is a face-to-face class.  I am hoping this is my last year of math, so cross your fingers I can pull through with an A.

Going to school this semester at 7:30am is such a perfect time compared to our past semesters leaving at 6:30 or earlier for Tour Team.  I wasn't exactly aware of where my math class was this morning, yes, I didn't even bother to check it before I went to school.  Dumb and ridiculous I know.  I also didn't buy notebooks and pens until 20 minutes before class started.  Yet another not so smart decision on my end. 
I also started my first official day at my new job in the office.  I was extremely tired and exhausted by the time my shift was up, but I love my co-workers, and my boss, oh she is one lovely, fun, spunky lady! She makes you excited to come to work and helps make all of the things you have to memorize not so overbearing. 

After I got off work, I got to go see Mike before his class. He seemed to be somewhat enthusiastic about his first day! We chatted for a bit before he headed to class, and while he was in class, I waited outside the room studying away! My dear friend Mel came and sat with me at the end of my waiting so we could all go downstairs to the studios after his class to prepare for Tour Team auditions Wednesday.  Nothing is better than walking into a studio and seeing a whole bunch of your friends all in there practicing and hearing the music play, Mike and I hurried to jump right in and join them.  After practice, it was time to head home and get more studies in. 

As Mike and I were walking out to the car, we saw the most beautiful sunset! No sunset I have seen beats Utah's :) I love, love, love, love, love where I live.  I never want to move.
When I get home.  Math 1050 time!....EW...
This looks beyond appealing I me...I've been looking at these screens for hours it seems already.   Now that school is back in session, the fact of having a social life makes me laugh, working, going to school, and dancing is completely going to be throwing the sleep, old woman curve ball my way..

Hello year 2012.  You better be good.

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