Monday, August 27, 2012

3rd Year

I survived my first day in my 3rd year of college! Schedules are insane! I like the people in my class that is a face-to-face class.  I am hoping this is my last year of math, so cross your fingers I can pull through with an A.

Going to school this semester at 7:30am is such a perfect time compared to our past semesters leaving at 6:30 or earlier for Tour Team.  I wasn't exactly aware of where my math class was this morning, yes, I didn't even bother to check it before I went to school.  Dumb and ridiculous I know.  I also didn't buy notebooks and pens until 20 minutes before class started.  Yet another not so smart decision on my end. 
I also started my first official day at my new job in the office.  I was extremely tired and exhausted by the time my shift was up, but I love my co-workers, and my boss, oh she is one lovely, fun, spunky lady! She makes you excited to come to work and helps make all of the things you have to memorize not so overbearing. 

After I got off work, I got to go see Mike before his class. He seemed to be somewhat enthusiastic about his first day! We chatted for a bit before he headed to class, and while he was in class, I waited outside the room studying away! My dear friend Mel came and sat with me at the end of my waiting so we could all go downstairs to the studios after his class to prepare for Tour Team auditions Wednesday.  Nothing is better than walking into a studio and seeing a whole bunch of your friends all in there practicing and hearing the music play, Mike and I hurried to jump right in and join them.  After practice, it was time to head home and get more studies in. 

As Mike and I were walking out to the car, we saw the most beautiful sunset! No sunset I have seen beats Utah's :) I love, love, love, love, love where I live.  I never want to move.
When I get home.  Math 1050 time!....EW...
This looks beyond appealing I me...I've been looking at these screens for hours it seems already.   Now that school is back in session, the fact of having a social life makes me laugh, working, going to school, and dancing is completely going to be throwing the sleep, old woman curve ball my way..

Hello year 2012.  You better be good.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Summer's Gone

Today was sadly the last day of summer vacation.  Starting Monday, school begins, my first "real" day at my new job, and lots of dancing that follows along with homework.  Summer of 2012 has been one of the best, and interesting summers I have had.  To end this amazing season, it needed to go out with a bang. 

Beginning of the morning/afternoon was family time :)

My mom, sisters and I all make m&m rice crispy treats for a Homecoming lunch that a family in our ward is having for their son tomorrow. 
                  Of course, I had to dip it in chocolate after we were done ;)
Gorgeous aren't they!?

We had some grocery shopping to do, and mom was kind enough to get frozen yogurts for us at good! No worries, she got one for herself too ;)

Also today, my amazing little athlete of a sister, ran from U of U to BYU for a rivalry relay.  She did so well!! I of course was on camera duty, one of my favorite jobs.  Captured some greats moments!

 Her team did so well! She was in a group with a bunch of her friends and also some women in our ward, which was also so fun to see there with Britt'e as well!

To top this great day off, Mike and I had our weekend usual date night which I look forward to every single weekend! We decided to catch a movie at my favorite theater, Jordan Commons.  We wanted to see Step Up 4 Revolution, but with our luck, they weren't playing it so we decided to see "Bourne" instead.  Oh wow, that movie was amazing!! If you haven't seen it already, I HIGHLY recommend it.  

We wanted to grab a bite before the show she we went to a fish n' chips place at the theater, but we indeed did not get fish n' chips.  I wanted a scone so terribly bad, and we got it! Such a fun date night, I love being able to spend time with Michael doing whatever and having a wonderful time.  

Now, going to head to bed and look forward to my last unofficial day before school starts with having no commitments to worry about.  Have a wonderful night!!

-Naturally Blue

Friday, August 24, 2012

Little Italy

Oh what a fun evening Michael and I had.  Tonight, instead of staying in and watching a movie, we decided to get out and go somewhere!  I, of course, was STARVING and was really in the mood for some absolutely delicious.

The original plan was for us to go to the Olive Garden, and seeing as it is a Friday night in Utah, it of course was packed. Mike wanted to take us somewhere nice (how sweet!) and so we headed down to Center street in Provo.  One thing I love about Center street, is how there are so many older shops and how the entire atmosphere feels a bit more, condensed? :)

Anyway, we drove around trying to find a place and we did quite a few U-Turns ;) We really do have an adventure whenever we drive anywhere.  Literally.  But anyway after turning around a few times, we decided to get a bit in Italy. Little Italy.

The setting was adorable and beautiful.  The lighting was really dim and there were a lot of elderly women or couples having dinner.  The cool part about it was we had an accordion player come over and play as well as since for us right next to our table while we ate.  Awkward yet great! He was so very friendly.

For our menu...

Rich plate of cured meats and cheeses imported from Italy, olives, and artichoke hearts
It was very interesting to eat this.  The meat somewhat had no flavor and the artichoke hearts were very strong in flavor due to the oils and such.  The olives we ate still had the seeds inside of them, so for a second, I thought  I was eating a very STRONG flavored cherry that tasted like an olive.  It was a chance to expand my palate.

We had amazing broiled Italian bread that we dipped in Tomato Basil soup.  It was terrible how addicted to this we were.  yumm.

For our entree, we decided to somewhat "build our own" and see how it went.

Entree: ROSATA
Winner of the 2009 Best International Food Award, this sauce sets the standard with our fresh pomarola sauce blended with a
touch of cream, perfectly suited for a marvelous flavor and texture, with penne noodles.


We loved being able to sit and have a nice dinner and talk.  Our service was not great at all but we ignored that factor and just enjoyed the food and each others company which made it a very great experience.  When we were walking out the door, there was a guest book where you could write about your experience and provide comments.  This made me laugh hysterically and here is why.

I told Mike that he should write a comment about how amazing the food and atmosphere were!

I just didn't think that he would manage to take up an entire page, yes a whole page, it the book.  So funny! 

Dating this guy, never gets old.  Had such a great time tonight!

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Mike and "I"ke

Mike & I

  Those of you who know us, know how similar and very different we both are.  In 5 days we will have been together 5 months which is has completely blown by so fast, but they have been such a blast thus far! In 5 months, here is what  have learned about Mike.

1. He loves home decor
2. Ask him to do anything, and he will literally do it
3. He can curl his tongue in a clover
4. He loves otter pops
5. Most people don't know this, but he is a phenomenal artist with a pencil, paint, you name it. 
6. He cooks a great breakfast.
7. He lives to give surprises, but before you get the surprise, he will tease you and tell you he has one without giving a hint as to what it may be. 
8. He is shy telling you certain things. 
9. He likes to help you shop and doesn't mind doing it.  He isn't to shabby at putting outfits together!
10. He blogs....:)

This month, I think I'll only stick to 10 things but will keep adding to the list as time goes on. Should be fun/interesting. :) Well, let's add an 11th fact just for kicks.

11. He HATES being called "Mikey" except for a very small pinch of people. 

We are so similar...

We both color coordinate our closets
We will take filtered water over faucet 
We love snow cones
We eat Chinese monthly (at least)
We don't drink Soda
We blog
We love ballroom dancing (together)
We like good deals 
We attend the same University
We both make weird noises while driving
We love movie nights
We both have rather large families
We could listen to comedians all day
We both quote movies ironically at the same time 
We both like "hospital ice"
We both like to act strange in public 
We both like Nutella (I think me more so than him...)
We both get tired at the EXACT same time
We both can't have a staring contest and not laugh

and the list gets let's just end with an "etc."

 We love our fortune cookies fortunes. 

 The thing that I love about us dating is that we are best friends.  Mike can make me laugh NON-STOP.  I love that his sense of humor is dry in the sense that he doesn't laugh after he says something hysterical. 
He has what I call "Mike's classic eyebrow" which unless I make him, he will pull it in a picture. He knows how impatient I am, but he surprises me so often! I love when I will get a surprise visit at work, and he would drive clear from Provo to Lehi, just to say hi to me at the end of my shift and bring me flowers and my favorite candy, Hot Tamales.  

A LUCKY girl I am.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A lot seems to be happening lately.  Summer was here and then it wasn't.  The disgusting thought that school starts next Monday is flashing constantly right before my eyes, hence the word DISGUSTING.  On my last little vacation part of the summer of 2012, I  went to compete at the Nevada Star Ball in Las Vegas, Nevada.  I'll let the pictures do the talking.

Our time share. (5 pools, perfect)

One night, everyone that we were staying with had to compete, so might and I decided to go out for a date night, walking the strip. 

It was all great, until I realized how dumb I was to wear heels while walking around.  When we went to watch the fountain show at the bellagio, I look my shoes off (yet another stupid idea) and while walking back to the car, i get a nice piece of glass, plastic or something stuck in my foot and then my stomach begins to have extreme, sharp pains. What a way to end the night.

Next day: "Window" Shopping on the strip

 The chocolate fountain :)

This guy, photobombed our picture. AKA. we have no idea who he is :)

Next on the agenda, I was on hair duty.

On the last night of our trip, Mike and I got to compete.  After we competed, we went back to our hotel and had a little birthday Surprise for Angie. 

Great trip.

Now that reality is back, things are getting busy with school, a new job, and dancing.  At the beginning of every school year, I get nervous and the thought of everything I have to do overwhelms me at times, but I am looking forward to what the new school year brings!  

Hello 3rd year in College.