Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Utah Pioneer Day

Today has been a great and very relaxing day.  Here in Utah, it is the 24th of July which is Pioneer day.  This morning Mike picked me up to take me to a parade with his family up in Spanish Fork.  Traffic was brutal in the neighborhoods and back roads so we parked to car and walked about six blocks.  I didn't mind it at all and we enjoyed the time.

We were with Mikes dad, his brother Stan and his wife Jessica and their kids George, Annie, and Daphne, his younger brother James and myself.  We had a great time.  It was really sunny and warm. 

These cute little fella's were adorable! I am thinking I'll stick my future nephews in outfits like these and take pictures...:)

It was cute to see Annie waving at the city royalty and calling them princesses and George excited to see Mater and Lightening McQueen, and cute little Daphne dancing to music. After the parade, Mike and I really needed a drink.  We really do love anything from a snow cone to a Sonic Slush.  If it is Sonic, Tater Tots with Fry Sauce (The BEST part).

When I got home my family all relaxed and I watched my guilty pleasure...
 Not sure what it is about this show, but my cousin was right when she said I would love it.  

Later, we really wanted to do something and we headed to a movie at Jordon Commons.  Spiderman.

The movie was incredible! Yes, even my mom liked it.  :)
Driving home from SL, it was beautiful looking over the Valley and seeing fireworks within miles of each other.  Love living in Utah.  

Happy 24th of July!

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