Sunday, July 1, 2012

Life is going swell.  I've got my job, dance, an amazing family, friends and what more could a girl ask for?? It is already July.  My first thought when I saw the date yesterday was the fact that starting next is back in session. I will be 100% honest, that feels like word vomit.

I thought summer just began, a month ago? Now I already have fall semester on my brain. Yuck.

I finished teaching my Elementary Ballroom students at their summer workshop last week, and I miss them! Kids can be stinkers sometimes, but there is nothing better than the feeling of seeing them perform for their parents, and how excited their parents get when they pull out their little video cameras and starting filming and taking photos of their kids.  I love teaching and I am so excited to start up again during the fall.  

Dance is going great!! Michael and I are heading to Palm Desert, California is 10 days from today to compete at one of my favorite competitions: Desert Classic.
I doesn't feel like it has already been a whole year since I was there last.  Time is flying and we are so thrilled to get on that floor! Dance gets better every single year and I am so excited to see what the year 2012-2013 brings!

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