Friday, July 13, 2012

Desert Classic Day 2

Desert Classic day two: 7/13/2012
It was such a good day today! It was a bit busy because Nanette and Nate were competing today and Mike and I had to work at the competition at 9.  We all were up around 7:30am so that we could get primped to go work at the competition and also get some food in our stomachs after our long journey the day before.  We were all exhausted, but so ready to get started with our day.

We were assigned to work at 9am-1am.  If this was a full time job, I would love it! Time flew, and we loved getting talk to all of the Pro-Am dancers as well as Mike and I getting to know the judges on a more personal level.  After we were done working, Nate and Nanette picked us up and it was back to the hotel.  We were all starving and needed something to cool us down from the heat.  Being in the hottest city in America can definitely exhaust you.  We headed to Dell Taco for something light and small so we could get Nate and Nanette ready for the comp.

My boyfriend and dance partner Mike.  So glad he actually smiled for the picture :)
Back to the hotel we went.  Nanette asked me if I would do her hair for her, I was instantly excited!! I have only done a few other girls hair for competition in the past so I was a little bit nervous but was in for another experiment! And I will admit, I was so proud of this beautiful creation I did! Check it out:

Looks really good if I do say so myself!! It took us a really long time, but Nanette was so beautiful and was so patient.  Hair was a success! Like Mike and I, this was their first competition and Tonight they did Under 21 Latin and did so well!!  Can't wait to see them kill it the rest of the ballroom season!

Later that night, we had some visitors from Utah join us. Paul/Gio, and James/Ashley.
Time to get some rest before we all compete tomorrow. 

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