Saturday, July 14, 2012

Desert Classic: Day 3

Today was a big day; competition day.  First thing in the morning, Mike and I headed to the studio to practice for a couple hours.  It being our first comp, I needed practice time to help calm down my jitters.  The room was a bit packed but this is the room empty:
It felt so good to dance! One of the perks of dancing in California, is since the elevation so different compared to Utah, we had so much more air which made it that much easier for us to dance.  We were here practicing with Paul and Gio and then we all practiced for about 1 1/2 hours and then we needed food.  ASAP.  Our next stop: Starbucks

Strawberry Frap. and a protein meal that Mike and I shared.  I also think that it is impossible for people to spell my name right...

Before we started to get ready for the comp, Mike and I hit the swimming pool.  Being in water felt so good with 110 degree weather.

To get ready for the comp, all 8 people came in our room to get ready.
A disaster right?....haha

Well all managed to get ready and get to the comp with 2 hours to spare.  The comp went so well!! I felt like I was going to puck from how nervous I was with it being Mike and I's first comp together but it went so good.  Our Latin coach, Sasha Altukhov was there is was helping us between each dance.  That definitely helped calm my nerves.   Mike and I made it to the Semi-Finals in amateur Latin along with one other Utah couple.  We were thrilled!

Mike and I with our Latin coaches: Sasha and Natalia 

The competition was literally a party.  All of the judges at the end danced for us and then the lovely Wendy Johnson had a production showcase for us.  Wow. Amazing!! Such a great day!

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