Friday, July 13, 2012

Desert Classic: Day 1

Yesterday we started our adventure to Palm Desert, California.  Mike and I drove down with our good friends Nate, and Nanette.  The drive to start out with was BURNING... It being 102 degrees in Utah and driving threw more desert was brutal.

We managed to take a shortcut that as Nate said, would save us 5 minutes.  It ended up causing us to drive for another un-needed hour...Not doing that again.  But we did manage to find this old, abandoned house that was in the middle of nowhere.  We decided to take pictures and the ones I took, turned out amazing I think!

We had a blast! We ended up driving for 11+ hours and were so thrilled to finally to be an air conditioned hotel.  Competition starts tomorrow and Mike and I will be cheering Nate and Nanette on! 

Random pictures from the drive up...

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