Sunday, July 8, 2012

4th Of July

The forth of July was a wonderful Holiday for the Wright, Woods, Little, and Myers family this year. (Yes we are all related)

I had to work in the morning which was a bummer in the sense that my family went on a beautiful hike without me! But I only had to work until 3pm which was nice.

While at work, I had a surprise from that boyfriend of mine.

 One of my favorite flowers and my ultimate favorite guilty pleasure, Hot Tamales.  Thanks Mike!

After my dad came and picked me up, we headed back home to prepare for our family to come over.  
We definitely know how to pack peoples stomachs that is for certain. 

I think the dog had a bit too many treats...(my fault).

My mom and my sisters get the most clever ideas and give quite the presentation on holidays which I absolutely love!
I'm sure you can already tell how delicious these were just by how they look, but just to reassure you how good they were, I'll say it again, they were AMAZING!  I am in love with strawberries that I could live off of them, a little sugar on top make them extra good.

Next, the drinks.  Gorgeous and delicious.  "Hospital Ice" to make them even better. 
Chocolate + More Chocolate + M&M's = Nothing gets better

Food has never tasted so good.

Mike and I were on Grill duty.
He told us about this cool way to cook Hot-Dogs (found on Pinterest of course). Pretty cool!
At our house, on occasions where cooking burgers in involved, what like to make what you call a "Special".  It involves your hamburger, a hot dog, and bacon and squeezing it all into one bun.  Try it sometime.

The fam cooking.

Feeding Vannah, of course ;)

And to top off everything we had a very delicious patriotic cake.

My cousin Aimee, and childhood best friend is heading tomorrow to work in Florida at Disney World for 6 months and so Naturally we needed to get some pictures before she left.

Going to miss you Aimee-Doo

After our BBQ and hanging out at our house, we headed to Thanksgiving point to see the fireworks like we do every year.  A great family tradition, but the best part of the whole day was being with family. 

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