Tuesday, July 10, 2012

2012 Neighborhood Olympics

This past Saturday, I had the opportunity to be the "Assigned Photographer" at the 2012 Neighborhood Olympics in Spanish Fork.  What a blast it was!!

It started bright and early at 7am, which is early for me.  Mike came to pick me up even earlier, at around 6:15 so that we could run to Walmart to pick up some things before we headed down.  When we got there, Mike's older brother's wife Jessica, was making pancakes and eggs for everybody (She is incredibly nice).  Her husband, Stan, was getting all of the last minute touches done while the rest of us pitched in.  I can tell you that he put it so much time and effort and it was such a hit!!

Before the games started Stan gathered up everybody around the Olympic flame to give us instruction.

James, Mike's younger brother, was dumping (in a literal sense) gasoline all over this pile of wood.  One of the children in the neighborhood got to light the torch.

He had success.  The torch was beautiful. 

They also had individual torches that they gave to each person and they started the games! 
It was so adorable to see these kids trying to run as fast as they could. 

They had so many fun games provided that both parents and their kids good do together.  Here are some of the activities they had.

Goofy Golf, one of my personal favorites. 

Some of the little ones were getting a bit tired out in the sun. 
This young kid threw the ball so far the Mike's facial expression was priceless! 

Of course, I couldn't leave out the adorable babies that were there with us. 

I wanted to kidnap these little sweethearts!

 This little girl was not afraid of the camera and I loved it!
 Mike's beautiful sister Dawn.

The day was coming to an end which means, AWARDS...

 Everybody is a champ :)

After everyone was starting to leave, Mike and James played with their nephew George.  I will say that there is nothing better than seeing what I saw here. Loving every second capturing this. 

Such a great day and so glad I got to be a part of it!

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