Sunday, July 29, 2012

It has been a great Sunday! 

Last night, my sister Liesl and her husband Justin invited us to a picnic in Provo Canyon for dinner tonight.  We had a blast!! Mom made us take lots of pics.  Enjoy!!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Utah Pioneer Day

Today has been a great and very relaxing day.  Here in Utah, it is the 24th of July which is Pioneer day.  This morning Mike picked me up to take me to a parade with his family up in Spanish Fork.  Traffic was brutal in the neighborhoods and back roads so we parked to car and walked about six blocks.  I didn't mind it at all and we enjoyed the time.

We were with Mikes dad, his brother Stan and his wife Jessica and their kids George, Annie, and Daphne, his younger brother James and myself.  We had a great time.  It was really sunny and warm. 

These cute little fella's were adorable! I am thinking I'll stick my future nephews in outfits like these and take pictures...:)

It was cute to see Annie waving at the city royalty and calling them princesses and George excited to see Mater and Lightening McQueen, and cute little Daphne dancing to music. After the parade, Mike and I really needed a drink.  We really do love anything from a snow cone to a Sonic Slush.  If it is Sonic, Tater Tots with Fry Sauce (The BEST part).

When I got home my family all relaxed and I watched my guilty pleasure...
 Not sure what it is about this show, but my cousin was right when she said I would love it.  

Later, we really wanted to do something and we headed to a movie at Jordon Commons.  Spiderman.

The movie was incredible! Yes, even my mom liked it.  :)
Driving home from SL, it was beautiful looking over the Valley and seeing fireworks within miles of each other.  Love living in Utah.  

Happy 24th of July!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Dancing with your boyfriend.
                                                                       Pure Bliss


Monday, July 16, 2012

Desert Classic: Trip Home

Unlike most It was a very interesting day for us yesterday and this morning.  Yesterday morning, we woke up around 10:15 (California Time) from exhaustion of the night before.  We needed to be out of our hotel by 11am and we had a lot of things to do before then. We got the room cleaned up and packed and headed out the door to get back home to Utah.  Before we started the ride, we went to Panda Express to put food in our stomach for our 11 hour drive home.  After we ate, we decided to say a prayer for us to get home safely.  What I loved is right after Mike said the prayer, we passed an LDS church, on a Sunday.  We hadn't seen one our whole trip so it was comforting to see that right as we started our ride home.

When I come to this comp, I love to see what I like to call, "The Land of the Windmills".  We were all very fascinated by them and of course had to get some pictures.  We were singing in the car until these cute people fell asleep, then Mike and I had to keep ourselves entertained.

About a half hour later they woke and decided it was a real good idea to get some seatbelts on, and thank heavens for the events that were about to take place that we had no idea would be coming.  About 15 minutes after this, we were in Barstow, California.  Out of the blue, our car swerved off of the road and started spinning all across the freeway.  Nate, Nanette, and I all weren't sure what happened but we were all yelling to slow the car down when in fact, Mike had no control over how the car was going.  We spun across the entire free-way twice and then we started heading towards the barriers on the free-way.  I thought we were all dead by this point.  I can tell you that there was nothing scarier than literally seeing your life flash before your eyes, wondering if you will make it out alive once you hit it.  We hit the barrier, I hit my head on the dashboard and because of all the impact instantly, all of the airbags in the car blew and we landed on top of the barrier.  It felt like the car was going to fall on its side or that it was going to flip completely.  The car started to tip and by some miracle, it landed flat on the ground.

When the car stopped, there was smoke from the airbags and all of us were in complete shock.  People on the freeway stopped their cars and helped us get out of the car and wanted to make sure everybody was okay.  How the whole incident happened, was we got pushed off of the road by another car that wasn't paying attention.  We are so grateful the Mike was driving. The cops told us later that he drove very well with the given circumstance and if he hadn't of done what he did we don't know if some of us would be more severely injured or even killed.  Mike saved our lives and we are so eternally grateful.  Mike helped us all stay calm while Nanette, Nate, and myself were in tears and extremely scared.  We have amazing parents.  They were there for us even a few states away and were doing all they could to keep us safe and get us home.

The police and fireman were so nice and helped us take car of the situation as smoothly and quickly as possible.  The car was towed and the tow truck man took us to a Greyhound bus stop where our parents had arranged for us to take a bus home.  Still being in shock, exhausted from the sun and such we headed to find water and a place to sit. Mike went and got us all drinks and we all sat down and needed sometime to calm down.  After awhile we needed to get tickets printed and get food in our stomach for an even longer night ahead of us than we had expected to have.

  We all had bruises, but Mike had to most injuries with bruises on his arms, shoulders, and all over his hands as well as some cuts.  Nanette and Nate had bruises on their necks from the seatbelts and mine was on my arm as well as my hips. 

At 6:20pm, our bus boarded and we were off to Vegas.  It wasn't as terrible as we were expecting.  We had leather seats, wifi, outlets, and we all got to sit by each other which was what mattered most to us.  We all tried to sleep as much as we could and about 4 hours later we arrived in Las Vegas, Nevada.  We had to change buses at this point and it was a pain because we had to weigh all of our bags, get tickets to put on them and such. It felt like an airport system but for buses.  The line for our next bus was HUGE and we were worried that for the next 7 1/2 hours that we would be separated.  Nate and Nanette found seats next to each other but Mike and I weren't so lucky.  While we were trying to figure out what to do, a nice man gave up his seat so that Mike and I could sit together.  You'd be surprised with people how nice they can be even with how they may appear to be on the outside.  We were so grateful towards him.

Provo, UT 7 1/2 hours away.  We just wanted to get home.  We arrived in Provo this morning at 5:25am and I will tell you that nothing was better than walking off the bus and going to hug my mom.  Before the accident, I realized that I don't tell my family I love them enough and how I took a simple hug for granted and during the car accident, I didn't know if I was going to be able to do those things again.  Angels were definitely watching over us and kept us safe.  Seatbelts, and Prayer are something I will never take for granted again.  We had so many people calling us and texting us to show their love and support, we are all grateful for that.

So glad to be home, to be safe, and to have been greatly blessed this weekend.  An experience we will never forgot but so many good lessons learned.  

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Desert Classic: Day 3

Today was a big day; competition day.  First thing in the morning, Mike and I headed to the studio to practice for a couple hours.  It being our first comp, I needed practice time to help calm down my jitters.  The room was a bit packed but this is the room empty:
It felt so good to dance! One of the perks of dancing in California, is since the elevation so different compared to Utah, we had so much more air which made it that much easier for us to dance.  We were here practicing with Paul and Gio and then we all practiced for about 1 1/2 hours and then we needed food.  ASAP.  Our next stop: Starbucks

Strawberry Frap. and a protein meal that Mike and I shared.  I also think that it is impossible for people to spell my name right...

Before we started to get ready for the comp, Mike and I hit the swimming pool.  Being in water felt so good with 110 degree weather.

To get ready for the comp, all 8 people came in our room to get ready.
A disaster right?....haha

Well all managed to get ready and get to the comp with 2 hours to spare.  The comp went so well!! I felt like I was going to puck from how nervous I was with it being Mike and I's first comp together but it went so good.  Our Latin coach, Sasha Altukhov was there is was helping us between each dance.  That definitely helped calm my nerves.   Mike and I made it to the Semi-Finals in amateur Latin along with one other Utah couple.  We were thrilled!

Mike and I with our Latin coaches: Sasha and Natalia 

The competition was literally a party.  All of the judges at the end danced for us and then the lovely Wendy Johnson had a production showcase for us.  Wow. Amazing!! Such a great day!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Desert Classic Day 2

Desert Classic day two: 7/13/2012
It was such a good day today! It was a bit busy because Nanette and Nate were competing today and Mike and I had to work at the competition at 9.  We all were up around 7:30am so that we could get primped to go work at the competition and also get some food in our stomachs after our long journey the day before.  We were all exhausted, but so ready to get started with our day.

We were assigned to work at 9am-1am.  If this was a full time job, I would love it! Time flew, and we loved getting talk to all of the Pro-Am dancers as well as Mike and I getting to know the judges on a more personal level.  After we were done working, Nate and Nanette picked us up and it was back to the hotel.  We were all starving and needed something to cool us down from the heat.  Being in the hottest city in America can definitely exhaust you.  We headed to Dell Taco for something light and small so we could get Nate and Nanette ready for the comp.

My boyfriend and dance partner Mike.  So glad he actually smiled for the picture :)
Back to the hotel we went.  Nanette asked me if I would do her hair for her, I was instantly excited!! I have only done a few other girls hair for competition in the past so I was a little bit nervous but was in for another experiment! And I will admit, I was so proud of this beautiful creation I did! Check it out:

Looks really good if I do say so myself!! It took us a really long time, but Nanette was so beautiful and was so patient.  Hair was a success! Like Mike and I, this was their first competition and Tonight they did Under 21 Latin and did so well!!  Can't wait to see them kill it the rest of the ballroom season!

Later that night, we had some visitors from Utah join us. Paul/Gio, and James/Ashley.
Time to get some rest before we all compete tomorrow.