Sunday, June 10, 2012

Weekend with Miss Sarah

My 3 sisters and I got to have a fun weekend with our cousin Sarah Ellen.  It was beyond a blast! She got to our house Friday afternoon.  I was working but I had a great surprise enter through the door, my mom two little sisters and Sarah came to grab some lunch, and a pleasant surprise it was. 

I think my sisters enjoyed the fact that I was completely at their service, in other words: waiting on them when they wanted something and doing their dishes. But after I got home from work and practice, I walk into the kitchen and see this

A singing/Dance party in the kitchen while making home-made cheesecake.  Kudo's to Ariel, Sarah and Bean.  But we were also surprised with one of my favorite things on this entire planet.  Ariel's home-made nutella crepes.  Delicious.

Later that night, we were off to one of my families favorite place to see movies, Jordon Commons.  We went and saw What to Expect When You're Expecting.  Not going to lie, wasn't a huge fan of the movie but the point was that I got to spend the evening with my family and I had my Hot Tamales, so everything was fine.

  Arriving home at 1am, my cousin proceeds to mention that she forgot her toothbrush...

                          1am Walmart run, here we come! You'd be surprised how many people go to Walmart that early in the morning.  We were excited to get back home and sleep..

The next morning proceeded with lots and lots of boutique shopping.

Needless to say, we had success. 

Fun and enjoyable weekend.

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