Tuesday, June 12, 2012

All the small things

I'm realizing lately all of the small things around me that I have always loved, but haven't noticed.  I guess in a way, I am learning more about myself.

Believe it or not, but I like public transportation.  Not in the sense that people can be rather frightening, but in the sense that it is me time due to the fact that it takes 1 hr 1/2 to get somewhere that would normally take 20-30 minutes max.  I like that I have the time to put in my head phones and just think.  I like to people watch and see how people interact with each other or how they don't.  I like that I have bus drivers that know me personally and never fail to say hello as I enter their bus.  One of the small gifts in life I'd say.

 Everything about where I live is beautiful.  Walking down the streets is another thing I love.  I walk a lot of places but I love the fact that I can walk wherever I want to.  Who wouldn't enjoy views like this.

I love what we call "Window Shopping".  Although my wallet can't afford what I wish it would, who says I can't look?

I love how my mom is a complete genius in the cooking aspect of things.  That is one of the perks of living at home.  Although you are old enough to be doing these things on your own, you get spoiled rotten! A lot of times I forget how lucky I am to being eating actual food compared to a package of Top Ramen (not a fan of it at all...)

I love watching Chick flicks and crying over how romantically perfect an actor and/or actress can make life seem.
                                                  Pathetic? I already knew that, thank you.

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