Sunday, June 24, 2012

Week/City Creek

This past week(end) has rather an unpleasant pleasant one.

I have the opportunity to have yet another root canal over the same tooth that I had a root canal over a year and a half ago.
Looks relaxing doesn't it?
After being stabbed with needles all over my mouth, I guess it is an excuse to look like this.
After an hour and a half procedure, it was finally done.  A numbed face and tongue with lots of medication, I felt great! 
Not being able to chew for 3 days after this, I needed the good stuff.  My mom was so patient with me and waited on me just like she did when I was a kid.  It was rather enjoyable, but when I get home and my sister says. "What is all over your shirt?" Not realizing that since my face was numb I managed to drop Ice Cream all over my clothes without noticing, but the disgusted look on my little sisters face was worth the mess. 

Frozen yogurt for dinner's the next couple nights was okay with me.  

On Saturday, I needed to get off my bed and get moving, Michael suggested that we go walk around City Creek for a bit and look around (since we had never been).  But first, we had to make a pit stop.

On the way Mike handed me this little box that happened to be a gift from his mom, Libby.  I loved this!
 Necklace with a camera, she knows me well :)

 Meet Dawn, Mike's beautiful big sister. She is a whole lot of fun and has a very energetic personality and it was so fun to meet her for the first time. 

We proceeded to take more photos. 

Off to City Creek!

 To finish our night, we headed towards to capitol building and found these steps.  It is a little cheesy we know, but so what! :)

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