Sunday, June 24, 2012

Week/City Creek

This past week(end) has rather an unpleasant pleasant one.

I have the opportunity to have yet another root canal over the same tooth that I had a root canal over a year and a half ago.
Looks relaxing doesn't it?
After being stabbed with needles all over my mouth, I guess it is an excuse to look like this.
After an hour and a half procedure, it was finally done.  A numbed face and tongue with lots of medication, I felt great! 
Not being able to chew for 3 days after this, I needed the good stuff.  My mom was so patient with me and waited on me just like she did when I was a kid.  It was rather enjoyable, but when I get home and my sister says. "What is all over your shirt?" Not realizing that since my face was numb I managed to drop Ice Cream all over my clothes without noticing, but the disgusted look on my little sisters face was worth the mess. 

Frozen yogurt for dinner's the next couple nights was okay with me.  

On Saturday, I needed to get off my bed and get moving, Michael suggested that we go walk around City Creek for a bit and look around (since we had never been).  But first, we had to make a pit stop.

On the way Mike handed me this little box that happened to be a gift from his mom, Libby.  I loved this!
 Necklace with a camera, she knows me well :)

 Meet Dawn, Mike's beautiful big sister. She is a whole lot of fun and has a very energetic personality and it was so fun to meet her for the first time. 

We proceeded to take more photos. 

Off to City Creek!

 To finish our night, we headed towards to capitol building and found these steps.  It is a little cheesy we know, but so what! :)

Thursday, June 21, 2012

As of Lately

It is almost the end of June.  July heat in Utah Valley is really setting in, and here is to embracing it! This past weekend, Michael and I went out to have a little fun and we started out dining in an amazing restaurant that we got to get dressed up a little bit and I expanded my pallet a little bit.


Our menu:

Fresh Maine “DIVER” Scallops, dusted with Chipotle and pan seared,
served with a chunky fresh tomato cream sauce.  (DELICIOUS!)

Pan seared Morgan Valley lamb tenderloin, dusted with fresh rosemary & black pepper, served with a whole grain mustard Demi-glace, blueberry reduction & a Parmesan and parsley risotto cake.
(Incredibly good, but next time I have lamb, I'll be eating medium instead of medium rare.)


  We were seated outside on the patio and it was so beautiful! It had twinkle lights surrounding the area and candles were lit everywhere.  It was a great night to have incredible service and great conversation.  If you have never been here, I HIGHLY recommend it.

 The next day proceed in us headed up to Park City for the day.  I am the kind of person who can't last long all.  We headed to the Park City Tanger Outlets.

Huge women race for running.  So many vehicles were decked out like this and it was incredible!

J Crew. Need I say more?

Working on the tan?

Sorry Mike...couldn't help it!

Sports Jacket model.

We managed to spend between 6/7 hrs shopping and I didn't completely die! We did one of my families traditions if you are shopping, you get pretzels. Soo good!

Before we left the outlet mall, we saw this insanely large, Red, Shopping Moose. Yes, I made him do this.

He thought it was a good idea to jump on the moose and it was wobbling underneath him... Bad idea. 

After awhile, the hunger was setting in and I needed food a.s.a.p. I had never been to The Training Table before and as mike said, "It's a Utah Original!" So naturally we went and proceeded to eat things that were of course not good for us and we even split the meal.  Lots of milk products, bad on my end but it was SO WORTH IT!

He seems a bit overwhelmed right? It's fake :)

Cheesy fries, that gave me a bad stomach ache after but I loved them way too much. 

         Such a great weekend and so enjoyable to get out and do something fun all weekend long!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

All the small things

I'm realizing lately all of the small things around me that I have always loved, but haven't noticed.  I guess in a way, I am learning more about myself.

Believe it or not, but I like public transportation.  Not in the sense that people can be rather frightening, but in the sense that it is me time due to the fact that it takes 1 hr 1/2 to get somewhere that would normally take 20-30 minutes max.  I like that I have the time to put in my head phones and just think.  I like to people watch and see how people interact with each other or how they don't.  I like that I have bus drivers that know me personally and never fail to say hello as I enter their bus.  One of the small gifts in life I'd say.

 Everything about where I live is beautiful.  Walking down the streets is another thing I love.  I walk a lot of places but I love the fact that I can walk wherever I want to.  Who wouldn't enjoy views like this.

I love what we call "Window Shopping".  Although my wallet can't afford what I wish it would, who says I can't look?

I love how my mom is a complete genius in the cooking aspect of things.  That is one of the perks of living at home.  Although you are old enough to be doing these things on your own, you get spoiled rotten! A lot of times I forget how lucky I am to being eating actual food compared to a package of Top Ramen (not a fan of it at all...)

I love watching Chick flicks and crying over how romantically perfect an actor and/or actress can make life seem.
                                                  Pathetic? I already knew that, thank you.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Weekend with Miss Sarah

My 3 sisters and I got to have a fun weekend with our cousin Sarah Ellen.  It was beyond a blast! She got to our house Friday afternoon.  I was working but I had a great surprise enter through the door, my mom two little sisters and Sarah came to grab some lunch, and a pleasant surprise it was. 

I think my sisters enjoyed the fact that I was completely at their service, in other words: waiting on them when they wanted something and doing their dishes. But after I got home from work and practice, I walk into the kitchen and see this

A singing/Dance party in the kitchen while making home-made cheesecake.  Kudo's to Ariel, Sarah and Bean.  But we were also surprised with one of my favorite things on this entire planet.  Ariel's home-made nutella crepes.  Delicious.

Later that night, we were off to one of my families favorite place to see movies, Jordon Commons.  We went and saw What to Expect When You're Expecting.  Not going to lie, wasn't a huge fan of the movie but the point was that I got to spend the evening with my family and I had my Hot Tamales, so everything was fine.

  Arriving home at 1am, my cousin proceeds to mention that she forgot her toothbrush...

                          1am Walmart run, here we come! You'd be surprised how many people go to Walmart that early in the morning.  We were excited to get back home and sleep..

The next morning proceeded with lots and lots of boutique shopping.

Needless to say, we had success. 

Fun and enjoyable weekend.