Sunday, May 20, 2012

There were never such devoted sisters

My family in unlike any other, and you know what?

                                  I love it. 

My beautiful sister Liesl and her husband Justin.  If you told me to name and ideal couple, here is a perfect example.  Liesl is the kind of sister that can goof around with you but yet, she can be one of the most compassionate and caring people who can listen when you need an ear and can instantly cheer you up on a rainy day.  She has gone through so much and I consider her a role model of what an older sister should be.  Something that I admire most about her is her ability to forgive. Together her and her husband make the perfect match and until she was with him, I have never seen her so happy in her entire life. I love her and all that she stands for, I love her motherly qualities to us younger sisters and how she makes time to hear how we are or to come over and visit regardless of her schedule.  Love you Liesl Bee! 

  Ariel (on the right).  If I had to describe Ariel in one word, it would be elegant.  Ariel is unlike anyone I know.  As kids, her and I were always together and we shared everything from clothes to friends.  Ariel is a person who is determined in every aspect of life.  She has not had it easy and regardless of what trial follows her pathway, she lets nothing stop her.  She is a beautiful ballerina who can light up a stage.  Something that I admire most about Ariel is her work ethic and her sense of humor that I wish I could have even the smallest slice of. She is all about presentation and can make anything look beautiful and she makes the best crepes in the entire world! Love you Ariel Sue!

Kalinja (on the right) is unlike anyone.  I can honestly say that she is one of the most mature people for her age that I know of.  Kalinja, is loyal and honest in anything that she does.  She has a personality that beams up a room and she is genuine in every act.  She does ballet as well and is beyond stunning.  I love watching her grow into this stunning dancer who is determined to always do her best in dance, school, helping others and shows kindness wherever she goes. She is beyond intelligent! The kind of intelligent where she is a 4.0 student ever since I can remember. Although she is 4 years younger than me, I look up to her greatly.  Love you Bean!

Britt'e, the baby out of the 5 of us.  This girl is incredibly amazing at sports and is a fish in water.  Britt'e is the kind of person who not afraid to be different, to be who she is and not what others want her to be.  Something that I love most about Britt'e is her passion for life.  She enjoys every little moment and loves to be involved in many activities and is constantly wanting to improve.  I love that she and I can blast music in the car and sing incredibly loud.  She is growing into this amazing person and is driven to achieve her dreams and goals.  I love you Britt'e Bre!

When sisters stand shoulder to shoulder,
who stands a chance against us?
-Pam Brown

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