Sunday, May 13, 2012

20 Years Young

Two days ago was my birthday, and I finally turned 20.  "The big 2.0" as many people mentioned to me.  being 20 means no longer being a teenager.  As much as being a teen for 7 years was rough, it was a blast! I am so excited to see what many great adventures are brought into my path over this next year, a year older and wiser to? eh...

I was completely spoiled beyond belief for this birthday.

At 11:40pm on May 10, 2012
                    I receive a text message: "Go outside on your front porch."

Low and behold:

The Grape Basket

Mike knows that purple is my least favorite color.  I don't like anything grape "artificially flavored" Period.  So what does he do? He buys the following:
1. Grape Jelly
2. Purple Gloves
3. Cabbage? 
4. Grape Red Vines
5. Purple little girl hair clips and a toy blow dryer
6. Purple socks, 
7. Grape flavored protein bar
8. Grape Cool-Aid


We planned to practice before we had our adventures for the day, that plan was completely flushed down the toilet, he says his excuse was valid, now I know why. He came to pick me up and then surprises me with:

 My favorite flower. Tulips

And then continued to come bearing gifts. 

He sure is ridiculous! 

Kneaders french toast and us going to different stores proceeded.  We bought a kite that we really did intend to go out and fly, but it was left in the truck.

My family has a great way to celebrate birthdays.  My mom plans a great dinner and we laugh and have so much fun.  After that, we open what we call "pigs" and after we have opened our gifts the birthday girl in our family gets to have a fashion show and try on everything.

We had to most delicious cake that my sister and my mom made and then, it was movie time! My sisters, mom, dad, Liesl's husband, and Mike all climbed in the car and headed to go see Mirror Mirror.  That is one tradition I will always continue to have in my family, going to see a movie on your birthday.

 I love how even though I am 20 years old, I still get excited the night before my birthday before I go to bed. Family and loved ones make days like these so special and I couldn't have asked for anything better.

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  1. aww how sweet ! I bet you had an amazing birthday!