Monday, April 23, 2012


My mother tells me that I have been a little bit camera happy lately.  
Perhaps that is a given?

My mom has a way to take something simple and turning it into something beautiful.  As a family, we made this pond over the years and last summer it started working, unfortunately, I was mowing the lawn, as I do every summer, and the mower sucked up the electric chord at shattered the top into many pieces, but thank goodness our handyman dad was able to repair it and we are back to the waterfall noise in our back yard. Perfect sound to lay out in the sun and read a good book to, if only I liked to read that much...

These are some good friends that I haven't seen since high school.  We all went rock climbing together on the giant walls.  We manged to continue to do this until 1:20am.

Work is rather enjoyable.  Especially when I have such nice tables who leave me receipts with faces to make my job that much better. 

I am trying to start cooking more.  I haven't loved it in the past but it is mainly because I am too impatient with how long it takes, but I do cook up a pretty good chicken breast if I do say so myself, guess I should ask my family that question..ha

My good friend Trev, bought this shirt.  So brutally honest. 

Dance is going swell.  Traveling plans were decided today. Colorado, California and Vegas, here we come!

 Looking forward to this dipping my toes in the sand again this summer.  

And that is life lately.

- Naturally Blue

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