Monday, March 12, 2012

Slap in the face

This last weekend, I had to opportunity to watch the BYU DANCESPORT at the Marriott Center in Provo.  This was my first year not competing since I began doing ballroom.  I thought that my dancing career would be over but as soon as I walked into the arena...I knew how much I needed to go back and how much I had missed it.

This is my wonderful and beautiful sister Liesl B.  She competed Latin and Smooth and did such a great job!! One bonus was I actually got to watch her for once. :)

I reconnected with my dancer friends that I hadn't seen hardly at all this year since I was not competing and I had missed them so much as well. 

                Something that I love most about Nationals is the music booming through the speakers.  Just hearing the music made me want to hurry and get out there and dance!! It really was a slap in the face and a reality check of, "Giselle, why on earth did you think that you were done?" Well, my conscious let me know real quick. There is a rush that you get from being on stage that you can't really get anywhere else.  Putting in all of the time, money, and your heart into what you are doing to create an emotional connection to your audience.  I miss the blood, sweat, and tears LITERALLY, and at the end of the year going to nationals and putting your all onto the dance floor.

So I'm on the hunt for a dance partner to make it all happen again.

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