Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Today has been such a wonderful day!!

          You know when you have those days where you wake up and feel completely refreshed and that life doesn't get better than what you're living right now? Today was beyond better than that.  You'd think going to school at 7am would completely throw me at a curve ball early in the morning, not on a day like today.  My friends and I had the best talks and laughs, I think it was also the fact that the sun started to peak through after a stormy day yesterday.

         My friends had so many nice things to say to me today, not that they always don't because in fact they do but today they were just things that made my mood boost by 10x's.  I had so many good laughs with my girlfriends and guy friends to, but everybody was a little sweeter, a little more patient, and just a little kinder.
The wonderful Trev Dev, and Ty make us BEAM as soon as we see them.  They are hilarious!! Nothing like hanging out with my Broskies.  They were trying to study but Allison and I had some issues being a distraction...Trevor suggested they should move location, but lets be honest, why would they want to when we were having the grandest time!

Allison and I get a closer friendship every. single. day.  We tell each other our secrets and play challenge games that only the two of us (plus the lovely Alicia) know about.  We went on our first adventure today.  Purchasing make-up.  We are all ballroom dancers and Nationals is going on right now so we went to go purchase the goods.  My sister Liesl is also competing and I am so excited to watch! Photo's will definitely be uploaded after this great endeavor that we are about to experience.  This is sadly my first year not competing in 6 years but I get to enjoy and cheer on my friends and family!

I am excited as well because I am finally going to start taking photos again! Photography is a passion of mine and my dear friend Allison and I had a discussion on where we are headed in life and where we see ourselves in 10 years, where we will be and who we want to be.  She has the most beautiful future planned for herself!

Allison is a Utah foreigner.   Washington state is where this lady comes from and I have not met a single person like her, ever.  Like I tell her so often, I love the way she speaks in the fact that she makes you look at the beauty inside of the box instead of just the outer shell, sometimes it makes my brain hurt that is how intelligent she is.

        A quote that I seriously defines her is, "Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind."

I like that way and perspective of life.

       My BEST friends that live outside the state: Kelsey and Sierra
and I are starting something great! Journals are a blessing and we decided that we are going to make millions by passing a journal back and forth across the country to each other (instead of the classic jeans story).  Well Sierra got our hopes up on making bank but I have an idea that people aren't so interested in reading book(s) on the lives of 3 college girls who practically have the same life story and relations to each other, but I may be completely wrong...we'll see. :)

My life just keeps getting better
                                                         and better
                                                                              and even better.

I love school, I love my family, I love my friends, I love being Mormon, I love life.


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