Saturday, March 3, 2012


Life is just too fabulous. 

I absolutely love my dog.  I completely baby her and she is 54 years old (in dog years anyway) but I think she doesn't mind that I treat like her like a baby instead of an adult. 

English homework.  What an adventure.  I thoroughly enjoy writing papers though so it isn't complete torture to me.  Although in this case, it was all about politics...ya not a huge fan.  

Mitt Romney was my topic, so I guess it wasn't terrible.  Maybe I'll actually vote for once.  

I live on the UTA transportation.  It is bearable when you get to people watch for over an hour.  People are very unique, especially at my University.  Completely enjoyable, well usually.

My beautiful sister Liesl and my HILARIOUS dad who failed to let me take a photo of him with getting some silly face in there.  Love you pops.

I love making pasta.  Ya, there isn't a whole lot to it, but it is definitely satisfying.  I'm thinking that I probably should start learning from my mom though.  But anyway, when late nights arise and I haven't eaten dinner, this is my K.I.S.S food:  Keep It Simple Stupid.  (That's actually a dance term I learned, but I guess it applys to my cooking as well).

And then there are the happy, laughing moments.

                  Definitely necessary.

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