Monday, March 5, 2012

All because of the rays

A exceedingly large amount of sunshine rays came through Utah today. I soaked up the sun. (Sheryl Crow instantly popped into my mind, hm..)

               It's amazing what sun does to your mood.   
Allison India and I had some fun with webcam during our little Chit-Chats.  

Being the very talented lady that she is, she had probably a 'ZILLION' bracelets on her wrist that she made.  Literally a Zillion.  But, lucky for some of her Utah friends, she was so nice to make us one!

 Feels like a friend bracelet sorority.  Joined the club.  

We all have some of the most interesting discussions on words that we make up and at the end of the conversation today, we ended up creating the word "Flutter" but we made it not used in its original context. I am still unaware of what the official definition is in our terms.  I'll let Allison (Flutter) take care of that.  

This is the official Tyler Wilson himself.  He has a style unlike anyone else.  He is often referred to as

These are the two Standard Broskies.  According to Ty.  Both of them are incredibly Ballroom dancers just as a by the way. 

Today was so great to kick my feet back and relax.  I am having serious spring fever.  Sadly since we live in the National Bipolar weather state of America, we get snow tomorrow... If you want to see severe weather changes, pack your bags and move to Utah.  

                                   Where Spring is the new winter, and winter is the new spring.  

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