Tuesday, February 28, 2012


My schedule as college student isn't all so bad.  Tuesdays and Thursdays all about mom and I.  Mornings are pretty simple.  Beginning at 7am sharp.

Taking my sister to High School and looking like a complete embarrassment.  I don't think she minds?

Then time to take dad to work.

                  What can I say...about view.  It doesn't look good

Until you reach his work.  Destination View: Beautiful

Dad and I get some good laughs on our drive or we are complete zombies. But regardless, I love waking up this every day.  Despite how much I hated waking up to freezing air and snow like clouds.  I had high hopes for good weather at this point.  

My day started productive, taking a lil' cat (or should I say dog nap) before gettin busy. 

What makes cleaning worth it is of course seeing the end product.  I do wish this morning that I was Mary Poppins and considered the job "a game!" 

I don't think so.  

One thing that you can always count in Utah is to have unpredictable weather.  Always.  The weather Man's job is always on a tight rope because even if they say it will be 40 degrees and sunny, they lie.               
                                         Case and point this what your afternoon brings. 

You almost always receive snow, but I will mention that it comes a season late.  

                                       Take me to a beach.....

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