Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Little Fish

I would like to brag about my little sister Britt'e.  This girl is seriously a human fish in water!! This past Friday my mom, my little sister "Bean" and I all went to her swim meet.  Many complications occurred when the meet was supposed to start at 5...well lets say it was much later. 

I got some candid shots of my sister(s) and they are cute lil' bugs. 

Reading Peoples Magazine of course...

Swim buds. (A.K.A) in younger terms. BFF.

 Kalinja or otherwise known as 'Bean'

After having fun with photo taking, Britt'e FINALLY got to swim, and it was so incredibly worth the wait.  My athlete of a sister dropped 6 seconds...6! She is amazing.  

Love you Britt'e Bre.  Sorry the amount of embarrassment

                 Well...Maybe not ;)

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