Sunday, February 19, 2012

Ladies Night Out

On Valentines day, our parents gave each of us 5 girls a Valentine.  In an envelope was an invitation to an evening of a...

We were going to go see Don Quixote!  All 5 of us girls have done ballet at one point or another, and two are still excelling in the art, so this was a special treat for us.  

Before we went to Capitol Theatre, of course we had to go get some dinner.  We needed somewhere that wasn't incredibly unhealthy (since we are trying to be good...) Zupas was the agreement.  We grabbed some dinner and had some good laughs and headed to Salt Lake City for the Ballet.

We absolutely love the Capital Theatre, everything about this building is beautiful.  

Before the show started, we skimmed through the programs and looked at all of the company members and Such.  I probably should have read the story line before hand...the first Act made ZERO sense to me.  I figured since I had seen so many ballets I would pick up the story line, but I unfortunately didn't, so during intermission I took my moms advice, "Giselle, read the story line."  Who knew, it actually helped. hmm.

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