Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Change in the Weather

Life is going swell! I love being in Utah and how every morning when you wake up, you never know if it is going to be sunny/rainy/snowy/windy/hailing, it is always a surprise! Today was rather a great sunny day though.
Sitting at school, waiting for the bus to come take me home, I was hanging out in the "fort" as we call it with some of my girlfriends.    The Lovely miss Alicia her self (Blondie above) is the fun and very smart one out of us.  She can literally just look at you and say something simple but hysterical and have a room laughing instantly!  She is getting married on March 20th to the one and only "Ky".  So, cloud 9 seems to be her plane field :) I am so excited for the two of them!
We had so many good laughs! The fort in an area at our University where we take four couches and make them into a box and we all sit together.  It is almost impossible to do homework while we sit in this particular area, but today we actually did it!  This lovely lady above is Miss Allison, what a witty individual she is.  I told her once upon a time that I loved how she speaks, wondering why? She had the word spectrum from here to outer-space and I love how clever she can make a sentence! She is one of the people who you could literally listen to talk for hours, and that doesn't come along everyday!  And another thing...she blogs :)

With all of the Sunshine today, the bus wasn't completely terrible! I enjoyed being outside and working on my "tan". 

My mom and I did some errands today and she had the brilliant idea for us to go to the grocery store to pick up some delicious items, one being my favorite things that I could be stranded on an island and survive off of these alone. Strawberries. (It gets better) My mom is very brilliant and we decided to go home and make chocolate covered Strawberries and Banana's, after school couldn't get much better than this.
My mom is an amazing chef at our house.  She can make any food she makes looks beautiful.  I unfortunately tried to make my "Master piece" beautiful, but it seems that mine didn't look at pretty and you can see, but hey, I was eating it regardless of how unappealing it may have looked, and to inform you of how it tasted, it tasted divine.

I don't know about all of you, but if you have dogs you know exactly what I'm taking about when I say this, giving them baths is a complete NIGHTMARE.
This is my grown dog Vannah (A.K.A. Savannah)  The night resulted in her jumping out of the bath tub in soap and water and my pants, soaked.  At least she is clean.  

Sunny days result in good adventures and that = today.


  1. haha I just realized we both have the fact that we like the smell of new shoes in our descriptions on our blogs. Awesome!

    1. Really?! I love that!! What is your blog?? I'd love to follow :)

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